Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh love!

We had our own little photo shoot when it snowed! I just had to share!

Married life is... THE BEST! I could not imagine that it could be this much FUN, yes fun! There are so many laughs in my day. Some of them Ryan and I share together and other times I just find moments humorous. Take for instance this morning...Ryan likes to set his alarm clock 5 minutes earlier than I wake up (he wakes up 15 minutes after me). So, his alarm goes off...he stumbles around reaching for it like he has no idea what that awful sound is...then switches it off. I am fully awake! He falls back asleep and I lay my alarm right next to his head (yes, this is mean...yes, i will get paid back) and the ALARM booms in his ear! He just flips over and goes back to sleep! I hopped right out of the bed after giving him a big times!

Thank you God for blessing us! :) Please continue doing so for our family and friends!
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