Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I wanted to share with you what I am loving today!

{1} I am going to be an Advocare junkie for life! I have such an excitement for it. My family and friends are all feeling good because of it too. I posted this weekend about my progress so far - 5+ lbs down and a couple of inches.

 I wanted to share with you what my best friend, Danielle, said about her whole 24 Day Challenge! {I am on day 24}! I will be doing my exact measurements tomorrow and posting!

From Danielle: I completed the Advocare 24 –Day Challenge last week….and I honestly could not be more thrilled with the results!!
On day 2 (the herbal cleanse phase), I was feeling SO much energy!! I couldn’t believe it!! 
By day 11, I stepped on the scale and was down 5 lbs! That is HUGE for me because I have been the same weight for the last 2 years- even while training for 2 full marathons!! (No, I did not lose a single pound- even while running 40+ miles a week!)
At the end of my challenge, I am proud to say I am down a total of 6 lbs and SEVERAL inches!! I think people think I’m kidding when I say my pants are swallowing me….but I am SO serious!
Bye-bye size 8’s, hello size 4’s! I’m really looking forward to digging you out of the basement.
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Isn't that awesome!?!?! She already is such a great motivation! I am so proud of her! I will be sharing my story soon! Can't wait! 

My mom has been taking the 24 Day Challenge, too. She blogged about it here! Go leave her some well wishes. I can't wait to reveal her before and after...if she lets me. It's not only about how she looks, but even more about how she feels! Her energy is up and you can hear it in her voice! I love seeing her get excited with me! Here's what Mama Mary said: 

Today is day 13 of my 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge.  I've finished the 10-day cleanse, and now I'm in the "Max" phase where you fill your body with great things to help reset your metabolism.  So in the midst of doing this Challenge, I've also changed what I'm eating (and what my family is eating - they have no choice, unless they are going to start cooking!).  Now when I shop, I'm stocking up on fresh fruits & veggies and lean protein.  My shopping path goes around the outside edges of the store - not up and down all the aisles.  I've been a label reader since I did WW several years ago, but now rather than looking at just calories, fat & fiber, I'm looking at all the additives & preservatives that are added to our food.  No wonder so many people are overweight!  And I've not visited my favorite lunch spot - where the slogan is "eat more chicken"  - in several weeks.  Although on my last few visits before the Challenge, my lunch consisted of the grilled chicken nuggets, fruit cup & water so that wasn't too bad.

The first result I noticed just a few days into the Challenge was I was losing the bloated feeling around my midsection (how attractive) and how great I felt!   If you need energy & focus and don't want to drink several cups of coffee, tea, energy or carbonated drinks, you should definitely try Spark.  Got my hubby to give Spark a try (he loves his energy drinks and I hate the way he crashes).  First he told me he wasn't going to drink the "juice", but he did, and he loves it.
By day 10, I'd dropped a few pounds and lost 9 inches overall.  I'm positive several more pounds will be shed by the end of day 24, and more inches.  This is actually the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight/inches.  I promise if you give it a try, you will not be hungry - you eat every 3 hours so your metabolism doesn't slow down.

Don't you just love that! 
{2} I am thinking of others, because this Monday we had the opportunity to pray and support a genuine and Godly lady in our small group. She took a call around 8:30 and found out one of her students committed suicide. While I am not loving the fact that a precious, young life was lost I am appreciating the relationship that our Savior lets us have with Him and those who believe in Him. I pray that Lauren, the young lady's family, and her friends are comforted in His peace and look to God during this time. 

{3} I am loving the kick-off to a wonderful series we had at church on Sunday. It is called, "The Rules of Love, Sex, & Dating" and is a powerful reminder about working on ourselves other than finding Mr. OR Mrs. Right. Thank goodness I have a sweet husband who loves me, respects me, and takes care of me. He is always willing to let me be myself. We share much of the same passions and let one another share hopes and dreams. I am certainly a blessed girl. The music on Sunday was amazing, as always, as well! Here's the opening song!
TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH IT! So FUN! You will want to share with your friends.

{4} I am loving that my kiddos are going to rock out the CRCT! They have so learned so much and now it is time to show it. To all my teacher friends, show this video before your sweet guys test! They will get a boost of confidence for sure!

{5} I am enjoying pulling into our driveway and seeing this gorgeous yard. It's had some TLC and is really looking beautiful! If we had a Yard of the Month Contest ours would be in first place! 

{6} And last, but certainly not least, I AM LOVING THAT TAX SEASON is DONE!!!  I get my hubby back! He's done an excellent job this year, and keeps learning! I am so very proud of him. The thing I look forward to the most is picking up our couple workouts! I have missed him exercising with me. He starts the Challenge on Saturday, and I know that Spark will be kicking him into high gear! Welcome home Dossinator, welcome home! 

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**If you are interested in taking the challenge, START here!**

Sunday, April 8, 2012

For my ladies on the 24 Day Challenge!

For those of you who are loyal readers and friends, thank you! I have been taking a tiny vacay from the blog. This week was my Spring Break and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have done much better on this break following a schedule. I haven't stayed up until 1 am and haven't slept in past 8:30...maybe one morning. This has caused me to be very productive!

*I have done a total of 4 shoots - one of which was a wedding! A beautiful wedding!
*I have helped Mom with some more sewing classes!
*I have enjoyed lunch with friends!
*I am on Day 12 of my 24 Day Challenge and am feeling great!

This post is of course, read title, all about my challenge!

My friend, Julie, got started on Advocare about 6 months ago. I thought she was crazy and taking a diet pill. We all know they are not the way to go. Well, after doing quite a bit of research, it was revealed to me that they were NOT diet pills. In fact, they are high quality vitamins and supplements!

I have been working out, lifting weights and a bit of cardio, along with eating clean and have seen some positive results for sure. I had lost 5 lbs since November. However, I was looking for even more results and wasn't taking a steady stream of quality vitamins. The BOGO at Publix wasn't cutting it, and I wasn't being religious about it. So, I decided to take the 24 Day Challenge and get my competitive side going: me vs. myself!

I am happy to say that halfway through the Challenge I have lost an additional 5+ lbs and a couple of inches. That said I feel FANTASTIC! I have a new energy and passion for exercise and becoming a healthier version of myself. I had no plans to sell it, and didn't even know about the business side of the company until I started taking the cleanse and vitamins. It's an awesome one, and I wanted a way to share with my friends. In just a week I have had 6 others join me in this Challenge and they will begin soon!

I wanted to write this post for you all that are taking on a healthier life!

Here are some things to do:
*Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to eat since you will need something about every 3 hours.

*Pack your cooler/lunch bag/friends with your meals

*Be active


*Drink plenty of water - try a gallon a day to flush those toxins out and to aid in fat loss!

*Throw out and stay away from food with SUGAR - it's like cocaine! Say no to DRUGS! SUGAR!

*Have an accountability partner. Nothing is better! I will be this for YOU, just ask!

Here are some options to eat on your Challenge or in general!

Breakfast: {within the first hour of waking up}
*A great smoothie, like this one, is a good choice on the go!
*Oatmeal with fruit (blueberries or strawberries are a good choice)
*Eggs (hardboiled or scrambled egg whites)

Snack: {between breakfast & lunch and again between lunch & dinner!}
*LOVE: Unsalted, 2 fat free Rice Cakes with 1 tbs Natural Peanut butter {check the ingredients - 2-3 ingredients are all you need}
*Veggies {carrots + hummus = yum}

*Protein: chicken, fish, pork {light meat}
*Complex Carbs: beans, brown rice, wild rice, nuts, oats, quinoa, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, and more.
*Salad or green veggies. I eat a spinach salad every day and use an olive oil and vinegar dressing with oregano that I make.

Snack: {same choices as above} and a SPARK if you want some energy for the afternoon lull!


After dinner snack:
*Try to avoid fruit since it has a bit of sugar, but if you need something sweet freeze a serving of fruit and pull it out to fight your sugar craving!
*I love Luna Protein Bars. Here is one of my favorites!
*These are another option for your sweet tooth - Jamie Eason's Chocolate Protein Bars. Click here for the recipe!

Some of my very favorite recipes are found HERE:
*He & She Eat Clean - try the salsa chicken! It's a great one to pack and have for lunch or dinner. My friend, Whitney, her hubby, and her cousins have created this blog that is a fantastic source of motivation and a great resource. Way to go Whit!

*Chicken or Turkey Burgers are awesome! All you do is buy 1.5 lbs of ground turkey/chicken, mix it with a shredded medium zucchini, black pepper, and garlic powder. I love these with a side of brown rice and a large salad! Here's an alternate recipe by Jamie Eason! Jamie Eason's LiveFit Recipes: Italian Turkey Burgers

*Tosca Reno is famous for her Eat-Clean Diet books. Check out her recipes here!

You ladies who are starting this week: Get ready to change your body and love life even more! :) I am sooo proud of you!

To those of you thinking about it: DO IT! I wish I would have started 8 months ago!

Source: via Van on Pinterest

To those of you who have done it: Leave some inspiring words for those that are beginning!

Let's do this!! Let me know if you are ready to start, and I can lead you to the right place! You can learn more about what the challenge is by watching this quick video!

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