Monday, November 9, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

One of the favorite moments everyone likes to talk about from our wedding is the Father Daughter Dance!  Daddy and I had my friend Jocelyn choreograph our dance.  We went over to her house one night and learned the dance.  Then when Dad would get home from work we would have our own practices together!  It is one of my most treasured memories with my father. 

Happy One Month

Ryan and I have been married for one month today!  Please go here for some pictures from the wedding!!  We have had the best month of our lives!  Thank you God for blessing us with each other and for letting us have these special holidays with our family! :)


Mrs. D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...6 more days until we say I DO!

So, it's Oct. 4 and the BIG day will be here before we can do all that we need to.  

Here's a bit about what's been going on:

On Friday night, Danielle and Callie pulled together an incredible group of ladies and we went out in MidTown.  We definitely met some interesting people.  We made lots of memories and had a rude but hilarious (now, at the time not so much) awakening at 5 am. The "ladies", if you
 would call them that, were having a bit too much fun banging on furniture and yelling at the top of our lungs.  After calling the front desk one time and the party not slowing down, my friend Ashley called and told the clerk very nicely at 5 am we would gladly call the ATL police if this didn't stop.  IT STOPPED :)!  We missed Callie due to her parent's home flooding and them
 losing tons of family keepsakes that had been passed down several generations along with
 their everyday items.  Please check out this link to help

On Saturday, my girls and I went down to Sugarland!  We all met that afternoon and had a lingerie shower - ooohh la la!  Then, we visited the Cheesecake Factory and tasted things that have too many calories for an entire weekly diet. We had the most hilariously, talented
 waitress who was a "photographer" on the side.  She was snapping them left and right!  Then, we were off to the Sugarland concert where the rain held off.  We danced, sang, and had a great time!  Thank you girls for all you have done to make this time in my life a memorable one! 

I had a fun experience with my dress...the only real bridezilla (if you can even call it that) moment I have had in public.  I went to pick up my dress from the seamstress and the top was
 still not snug enough.  So, when I got home and showed Mom she said, "just call and get another appointment".  I did, and we scheduled it for 2 Sundays before my wedding.  This did not phase me because it was just the fact of taking it on the sides.  So, I went in and got fitted a second time.  Then, the seamstress says it will be done by October 5th.  I don't know why, other than it was the straw that broke the camels back (me being the camel), I just began to sob right in the middle of the dress boutique.  Shelia and Mom were there and giving me hugs and began
 crying themselves.  OH the stress of the wedding.  The sweetest part was the sales girl handing me a tissue and a mom of another bride giving me a hug.  There are still sweet strangers in this
 world.  Needless to say the shop owner called me back and said my dress would be ready by
 Tuesday and she was going to pick it up herself.  So, the dress was finished on September 29th instead and I got to have my bridal portrait session. 

My bridal portrait, it's hard not to post these incredi
 pictures...she has the eye! Sara took me out on Saturday morning and captured some amazing photos.  Right now they are in the editing process and about ready to be printed! 

After the bridal session, it was off to work on our NEW HOME!  The furniture we ordered was delivered along with the fridge.  Mom and Hannah put together our breakfast table while I was away.  Then, we did more cleaning...clean, clean, clean.  Homes that sit = full of dust. It is coming along and Ryan and I are truly blessed with a wonderfully amazing family, friends that are there in good and bad times, and each other. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home...We are looking forward to making you our own.

So...we got a phone call. Well, actually I missed it, but Ryan did.

On Thursday afternoon our wonderful realtor called Ryan and let him know that our offer was accepted. Then, after that exciting news Ryan texted me, "guess what?". I said "What!", hoping and praying it was what I though it was. He responded in spanish - we text in espaƱol, so I had to translate quickly that ... OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED! I texted him back a couple of times after tears came to my eyes.

I quickly ran out of my office and hugged the first person I saw - Kim - our school's counselor! I think I scared her a bit, but she was soon excited when I explained the random hug!

What a great day it was! After I got that call I left school and got to see Taylor Swift with Mom and Erin! Thank you God, we can't wait to make this house a home!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A blog

I never thought I would have a blog, but what a fantastic way to keep my far away (and close) friends and family up to date. I have been reading some of my friends' blogs from college and love reading them. The movie Julia and Julie could be to blame as well. This also may be the place to get everything I want to say OUT!

So, here goes, I am jumping in.

This is what's been happening!

On Christmas day my life changed! I found out that I would marry the man of my dreams! I think Ryan knew I just couldn't wait any longer. He was precious and truly the sweetest I had ever seen him. His perfect proposal was just how I would want it! Thanks sweetheart! an engagement causes WEDDING PLANNING! Those movies that say, "I have dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl". I think I always skipped the wedding and dreamed of having someone for a lifetime, which may be an issue for the big event...the WEDDING! I had some ideas (very minimal). I really pretty much knew everything I didn't want...but what do women (Dana) want? So, Mom is my hero. She is Martha Stewart, Paula Dean, and Jesus wrapped up into one. She does it all and is my right hand during this time. Thank you GOD!

We have gone from "having" the wedding at the beach - can't get everyone down there, outside in a field - bugs in October, at many private venues, but we all just couldn't let go of the church wedding. Therefore we will have it at my church and hold the reception at the Braselton-Stover house. It will be fabulous.

I found my dress, and it was one of the easiest tasks. I can't wait to wear it. I think I will just put it on some days after I get married and wear it around the house. The shoes were bought today - look for those soon - pictures will be posted!

Well, much more could be said, but for now the bed is calling my name.

Happy Saturday / Sunday!
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