Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Cottage!

What a great trip we had with our friends around Thanksgiving break. We were not expecting what would come. When hubby and I returned from our anniversary trip I was on a mountain high. I really wanted to go back. It's just too peaceful to not enjoy it. So, I called our Butler friends and they were in!

We left on a Saturday and headed up to the cottage. It is gorgeous...I could say more, but I will let the pictures speak. We enjoyed good food, games, making our own music video, laughing, eating breakfast on the front porch, taking walks (more like hikes), and more! God blessed us so much with the friendships we grew while we were away from our houses. One of the best parts was the devotional we found in a drawer. I bought it for some of my family and got one for the Butler's. It was so powerful, yet simple!

If you ever need a spot to stay I can give you the perfect information for the cottage.

Here are some of the pictures that will keep us satisfied until we return! Thank you God for blessing us with forever friends.

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