Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saying No!

That title of the post makes me think back to elementary school days when we all learned the slogan, "Just Say No", right? Well, I am not talking about drugs today, but I am talking about something else that can steal your life. Saying YES to everything. I am soooo very guilty of this. Yesterday, I was updating a calendar that Ryan and I share to make sure we don't double book ourselves...Ryan texted me as he got the updates and said, "guess I will see you next week". He was being sarcastic or was he?

I totally am guilty. I can't say NO! It's awful because it takes away from the people that matter most. It takes away from my two guys and that is not ok. My plate keeps filling up for other people and I try to keep them all spinning. But you know what's gonna happen? They are all going to crash if I don't keep the most important ones first: God and my sweet family.

Today, I am writing this to make a point for myself to say NO. I love what I read yesterday on Proverbs 31 (it's a fantastic site if you aren't following it). It's titled Overcoming the Need to Please Disease. Man did it hit me hard at 6:30 am. I loved the response she gives people who are asking of her time: “Thank you for asking me. Let me check my calendar and think through some other commitments I’ve already made. If you haven’t heard back from me by the end of the week, please connect with me again.”  

That is awesome. I would totally respect that if a friend responded in such a way to a request I had. 

So, here are some things I will consider before making a decision:
*How will it impact my husband?
*How will it affect my son? 
*What will we gain or lose from this commitment? 

Of course I will always think of what others' concerns are, but at the end of the is about those who care the most about you, those you love, and pleasing God. 

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ” Galatians 1:10 (ESV).

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Monday, June 30, 2014

9 Months Old

9 months old. 9 months old. Is this real life? How does it go by so quickly. It feels like we just found out that we were going to be parents.

Health: At Vann's 9 month doctor appointment we didn't have to get any shots! That was a plus. Vann is in the bottom 5% of his weight, around 50% for his height, and 79% for his head. I think he is the perfect child and I am not worried about the comparison of all of his percentages. How can I say that? I remember who he is being compared to. 1. It's apples to oranges with his nutrition. He is breastfed and eats super healthy choices and LOVES food. 2. He is extremely active. He is pulling up, standing up, crawling like a mad man. Let's put it this way...he is still when he sleeps. THAT. IS. IT! 3. He is hitting every single one of his milestones at or ahead of time. I will not lie. When the dr. focused in on his weight (he is gaining still, just at a slower rate than the kids he is being compared to) I did get a huge lump in my throat. However, after speaking with his incredible pediatrician he confirmed Vann was getting enough calories, not developmentally delayed, and had terrific muscle tone I was better and the urge to cry disappeared. We go back for his one year. Holy COW!

Nutrition: After buying jar after jar of food, I decided to make Vann's food. It has worked out great. I really surprised myself that I enjoy finding cool recipes and foods to mix together. He LOVES apples with a bit of cinnamon and sweet potato with veggies.

Playtime: Vann really enjoys cars and rolling or throwing balls. He loves the wheels on cars or anything for that matter. He will find them. We were very surprised when one day Ryan and I were rolling the ball to him and he picked it up and threw it...really threw it! We have a pitcher on our hands...taking after Daddy.

Milestones: Vann is a super crawler. He knows who "DaDa" is. I love when he sees a picture of Ryan and says DaDa! Each morning he wakes up, smiles, and goes through all of his tricks. He says "bye bye" and waves. Then, he looks around for his daddy and starts saying "DaDa. He looks at me and gives me a kiss. I just love it. He is pulling up on things and taking steps around furniture while holding on with one hand.

Fun times: The most exciting part of month 9 is Mommy coming home full time! I am beyond excited about this amazing opportunity (more on that to come). So far I have been home for half of Vann's month 9. It's been a learning experience, but an easy and welcomed adjustment. We went to the beach for Vann's first time at the end of May. It was a wonderful experience. The best part was seeing his excitement and curiosity when he saw the ocean and felt the sand for the very first time. Vann also had his first taste of Lyla's food. We were putting food in her bowl and he reached in and swiped a handful. I thought I got it all. Then, there came this cloudy drool...I dug my finger in his mouth and out came three tiny pieces of Lyla's breakfast. Boy was he mad when he didn't get it back.

Vann, you are such a precious part of our life. We can't imagine life without you in it. Thank you God for allowing us to be his parents and trust us with his life.

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10 Months

Vann turns 10 months today!

Nutrition: He is busy exploring new foods! Some that he has been eating are: strawberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, sometimes broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, chicken, cinnamon-raisin Ezekial bread with greek yogurt, bananas, cheerios, blueberries, grapes, pears, peaches, peas, rice, carrots, apples with cinnamon, and probably some others I am forgetting. Vann continues nursing and I am so happy he is. The more I learn about breastmilk, the cooler it is. God is so amazing allowing a mother's body to do all that it does. Simply INCREDIBLE!

Milestones: Vann is standing and, as of Thursday 6/26, taking a few steps! He's still a little unsure, but we are going to have a walker soon. **Update** On Sunday, 6/29, Vann decided it was time to show us his skills and he walked across the floor for the XBox controller. He loves to clap and woke up on Wednesday morning (6/25) showing us his new skills. He points at everything and we tell him what it is. Connie gave us her "My Baby Can Read" and we play that each day. He loves to watch the animals and tries to say some of the words. I think his next word may be "dog". He is trying! He loves to feed himself and picks up his food. The other night he didn't care for his broccoli and the majority of it landed on the floor.

Playtime: Vann is still really enjoying cars and trucks and pushing them around. He loves walking with his "learning farm". Balls are so much fun to him. We have a big bouncy ball and that is the most popular toy. He is beginning to enjoy matching shapes up with the correct spot on his Fisher-Price bucket. We love wagon rides on our nightly walk. He really loves being outside in his little blow-up pool or just picking blades of grass and dropping it in the wagon. That's the cutest thing.

Mommy and Daddy: We have gotten to go on several dates which is an awesome blessing. Our families love spending time with Vann and seeing how fast he is growing and changing. Spending time with friends on our some of our date nights has been a blast. Ryan is seriously the best daddy. I think I tell him so much he doesn't believe me. He comes home, loves on Vann, and the smiles on both of their faces are just too much to take.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vann is 7 months!

On March 12th, Vann turned 7 months. Time moves so fast!


He is a ham, full of energy, and loves to smile! He is so quiet and then right before he goes to sleep or wakes up he babbles! He has to tell us all about what he is thinking. One word we continue to hear is "hey" and it definitely sounds like "mama" and "daddy" sometimes! I can't wait until he says something on purpose!  **News flash - when I typed this last weekend, we thought Vann was saying "hey"...Well, he does! On Thursday, at a mixer, he looked at Brad Kirk and said "hey" and waved to him. I have witnesses and then he continued saying it and waving! Tears flooded my eyes. He is starting to say "Dada" as well. I heard it on Tuesday (March 25th) when we got home in the afternoon.
We have a crawler on our hands. He started maneuvering (other than rolling) to get where he wants to be. He pops up on all 4s, sits back on his heels, and pushes forward. Then he repeats the process. He's also pulling up on things like his crib. Erin caught him on camera when I was gone to the grocery. He was supposed to be napping and instead he was climbing. That night the crib was lowered! As of Sunday, March 16th, Vann is an official crawler. No more army's full on perfect form crawling!
Vann is an excellent sleeper. He normally sleeps 9:15pm - 6 am! I love picking him up out of bed and seeing the sweet smile that lights up our morning!

He is able to go from laying on his back, rolling on his tummy, pushing up to a seated position, and crawling around. It's the coolest thing to watch him do. What a big boy. He loves peek-a-boo. We say, "where's Vann" and he uncovers his face with the bib and has the biggest grin!

He is eating lots of yummy healthy foods. He loves them all! Earth's Best is still our food of choice. He grabs the bib as soon as I pull a new one out of the drawer and gets so excited waving it around his head! We sat outside and ate last night because the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We are still nursing! I just got a bottle of lactation supplements to keep on going. Sometimes I go too long at work without pumping and I can definitely tell.
                                                {waiting to eat outside while daddy does yard work}
Daddy is in full swing with tax season, but he loves to make it home in time to give little man his bath. It's one of Vann's favorite times! Smiles galore and splashing to his heart's content.

I can tell he's grown a bit because his 6 month footie pjs are being traded in for 9 month ones.

We have teeth! Two bottom teeth are halfway in and we can see little buds for his top two. He has one of his eye teeth on top cutting as well.

He's enjoying going to Miss Eva's because he gets big smiles from all of his friends. Easton is crawling too, so they are keeping Miss Eva busy for sure.

Vann had his first real medicine two weeks ago. He got an ear infection. Thankfully, he is all better!
Uncle Greggy got in a wreck this month and scared us all. We are thankful he is here to be an uncle, brother, and friend!

I am counting down the days to April 15th and the end of this school year! It's going to be a blast this summer and spending each day of sunshine with my boys!

Vann loves his puppy that sleeps with him. He loves to jump, crawl, sit up, and play with his talking dog that Julie and Kenlie gave him.  Another favorite is his Farm Activity Center! I think we know all of the words to every toy by heart! "Welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you, shapes and colors music too, there's so much to do!"
I am loving motherhood and all of the smiles that it brings. Every morning on the way to work I pray aloud and Vann can hear that we are so thankful for him. These 7 months have gone faster than I could imagine, and I am afraid the next 7 will go by just as quick. I am making a goal to blog a bit more, so I don't forget the little things!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

6 months

Six months! Six months! Are you kidding me? My baby boy is half a year old!

He is the light of our life!

Vann sleeps through the night and wakes us up with a smile. He makes the morning HAPPY and worth rising for!

He's in size 6 month clothes, but will be heading to 9 months within a couple of weeks.

He weighed in at 15 lbs 6 oz and measured 26 and 1/4 inch at his 6 month appointment. Vann's not a hefty baby, but he's growing and eating lots of food. He's a very active baby and I know he's getting plenty of good nutrition. He is nursing and enjoying fruits, greens, and veggies. Earth's Best pureed baby food is our choice of food. He's tried: bananas, apples, apricots, mangoes, green beans, green peas with brown rice, spinach, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. I am pretty sure he likes bananas, apples, green peas with brown rice the best! Vann loves to eat and launches forward at the spoon. The food is gobbled right up. I have started nursing Vann and then letting him eat to make sure he gets all of the good stuff from me and then allowing him to eat his food.

He is sitting up, saying "hey" and babbling, laughing hysterically when you tickle his neck, and loving his jumper. I love how he sits with his hands clasped when he's observing something. He has a smile that makes everyone else have the biggest grin. It's contagious.

Vann got his first ear ache this month as well. Ryan was amazing and took him to the doctor, got his medicine, and took care of him until I got home. It's things like that that make me love him even more.

It snowed again this month as well. I set Vann outside in a tiny rocking chair that Nancy gave him and snapped pictures.

Lyla and Vann have become best friends. She loves to lay down right next to him. Vann will reach out and pat, more like hit, her on the head and she just takes it. If he cries and I am not right by Vann's side, Lyla rushes over.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

20 weeks

Vann was 20 weeks on Monday!

I can't believe how fast time has gone.

Vann is growing so much and learning so many things.

He weighs 15 lbs and is over 25 1/4 inches.
He's rolling all around - tummy to back and back to tummy
Playing on the floor is his favorite.
If Sid the Science Kid comes on PBS, Vann is all about it.
He likes to growl/talk to tell you something.
He's fitting in 6 month clothes for sure...have to roll the pants up a little bit.
Bath time is his favorite. Daddy does a great job. I love hearing the laughs from the nursery when he's getting ready for bed.
He's well adjusted to his crib and sleeps so good. 9 pm - 6 am. Thank. you. God.
This week his new found talent is sticking out his tongue. Good grief he's hilarious! 

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Year

It was this time last year that we found out some extra special news. Vann was the size of a little seed in my tummy. I found out on this day last year that our baby we had prayed about was finally here and I was pregnant. Here's my favorite moment...

And now a year later, we have a bouncing, happy baby boy who is the greatest blessing we've been given. 

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