Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Wonder

I want to remember this day forever.

Wrapping presents with Ryan til 11:15. Time with hubby.

First, it was amazing because Vann slept til 8:30...Merry Christmas to us! I woke up at 7:45 on my own...not from Ryan's alarm, not from Vann babbling in the monitor...on my own.

I made cinnamon rolls for the boys. Christmas crack and a kale salad with cranberry vinegarette dressing for our family lunch.

Once everyone else was up, we opened presents. Vann walked out holding my pinky and went straight to his chair, tractor, and some other wrapped gifts. He loved his "seat" and Elmo books. We didn't get him a lot because he just had a birthday with tons of gifts. We also knew his grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins would spoil him!

We all piled in the car gifts and all and headed towards my parents' house. I surprised Dad with Billy Joel concert tickets. We got lots of fun things that we had on our list (mom and ryan's mom always want a list, so we started doing one for them on Pinterest and it's worked out well)

Then, we had lunch at Auntie Ann and Uncle Bryan's house with mom's side of the family and opened gifts we all drew names for. Hard because Nannie was without Papa for the first Christmas since before they got married.

We ended the day going to Mimi and Papa's house and opened more presents. Vann loved his full day of fun.

We came home and Daddy put his table together. The box was entertaining and Mommy had fun snapping photos. My heart was full to say the very least!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Can a commercial cause tears?

YES, with this mama! Publix can make me cry like a baby! 

This morning we were cleaning up the kitchen, and as I was putting the dishes away I heard Vann's favorite commercial come on.

 I looked around for him, he was right behind me, and said, "your commercial is on." He was nowhere to be found, he sure is quick. I walked around the corner and there he was! 

Then, at the end he saw me recording him and I got a big hug! Publix knows what they are doing pulling at the heart strings of me and my sweet boy! 

I texted it to Ryan and our moms! They absolutely loved it. Is he not precious? 

Here's the commercial that stops him in his tracks! 

*written on Dec. 24th.

Monday, December 22, 2014

What Are Your 2015 Goals?

AdvoCare All In Nationwide 24 Day Challenge

January 7th, 2015 is the kickoff to our first Nationwide 24 Day Challenge program!  Our team is very excited about this and thrilled to have the extra support and virtual coaching that AdvoCare will be sharing with us. If you have ever thought about the Challenge, now is the time! It's literally NATIONWIDE...tens of thousands of people will be joining us! 
The All In Challenge includes some FUN additions! 

  • The All In Challenge bundle will include a free blender bottle, a wristband, and FREE UPGRADED SHIPPING on this order and a future order of $250 or more*!
  • Another cool thing is that if you pre order your 24 Day Challenge between December 17th- December 31st your challenge will arrive between January 2nd-January 6th just in time to start the challenge together as a group.

advocare All In

Some of the benefits:
  • Anyone who orders now until Christmas will not not be charged until after Dec. 26th - Jan. 1st!!
  • AdvoCare All In will have virtual coaching along with live coaching by me and special instructions before  January 7th, 2015 shopping tips, recipes, and much more for the challenge.
  • You will have a timeline to make the challenge super simple  that will walk you step by step.
advocare virtual coach
  • Why is it such a big deal that it's NATIONWIDE? There are a lot of benefits to doing a 24 Day Challenge all the way through as a large group. Not only will your success rate increase, but there is phenomenal support, helpful information, it’s fun and encouraging to complete the challenge with others, and helps keep you accountable to the simple program.
advocare all in
  • Clean eating plan with meals and recipes for all of the days throughout the challenge.
  • Facebook support group - AdvoCare All IN
  • Fitness tips
  • Snack Ideas
  • MORE!
Bonus:  If you or someone you know is considering of becoming an AdvoCare distributor,  this is the perfect time to do so! It's the perfect way to save money and begin a PLAN B!
  • You could essentially purchase 14 All In 24 Day Challenges with Catalyst all with Free Shipping (there is no limit)
  • You could start your own 24 Day Challenge group and sell your challenges to others.  At this level you would be an Advisor and be at the 40% off level in AdvoCare!
  • After selling your Challenges you could profit 30% on each challenge purchased that you sell for retail.  This could roughly be a paycheck of around $900 in profit. How's that for a BONUS entering 2015!
  • So now your Advisor order is costing you a lot less to be at the 40% off level for life.
  • Extra Bonus:  Free Shipping on future $250 or more orders through the AdvoCare All In promotion that can be used between January 7th - February 3rd, 2015.

If you need more information about the All In Promotional deal, please email or contact me in the comments below and I can help answer your questions.
What are your health goals and how can you meet them in 2015? I am here to help! 
all in advocare

Dana Doss
AdvoCare Independent Distributor

*to order you must be a distributor or order through a distributor like ME! 
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