Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's here...that WONDERFUL time of year!

Christmas is here and that means Christ, candy canes, and cards! I have been checking out tons of sites and even making my own, but none can beat out Shutterfly! Out of all of the products I have ordered from them, it's always been a phenomenal job! I am loving their new designs and will be buying some address labels as well. We have 3 pictures I would like to use on the card, so here are some designs I am considering!

What do you think?

I have used Shutterfly in the past for all sorts of things! One of the most memorable was our wedding flipbook. We made a small paperback photo album of our favorite wedding pictures. It was a great price and we have it out for people to look at when they are visiting! It's a fun way to quickly see our special day!

Being that I love photography, I also use it to print my favorite photos off!

The invitation below is one that I am thinking about using for my friend's baby shower in January! I love it and the colors go along with the nursery. Click the image to follow the link!

It's nice to know there are great companies out there that work for you to make your life a bit simpler and happy! So, check out their cards, calendars, and invitations here!

I'm participating in Shutterfly's promotion and have been offered 50 free cards to write up this post. 50 free cards is awesome! If you want more info go here. Thanks Mixon Mania for the heads up!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Fabulous Fall One Year Anniversary

Can we say lovely weekend? Wow, it was our one year anniversary one month ago 10-10-10! We weren't sure where we were going until 2-3 weeks before. I love planning trips that you don't have to wait for too long. We rented a lovely cabin north of Pigeon Forge.

It was perfect and we enjoyed being in TN when UGA won a game!

We arrived on Friday after a gorgeous drive through the mountains. It was so nice spending quiet time enjoying God's beautiful Earth and loving Ryan while celebrating our one year. We checked in at the realty company and got our information. We checked out the cabin and freshened up for dinner.

Our restaurant was fabulous and filling! We enjoyed The Old Mill after our 2 hour wait. Don't worry too much, because while our name was on the waiting list Ryan talked me into to Go-Carts. I didn't want to get beat in the race, so I opted to ride in the passenger seat. Ryan was the winner out of all 10 carts. At dinner we both ate chicken-n-dumplings...I know not really healthy, but we are on vacay! We headed back and got in the hot tub...I'm pretty sure the teenage boys next door were walking through the woods or else it was a bear! Pretty funny!

The next morning we woke up and headed to Cade's Cove. It's a gorgeous, peaceful place! I had never been, but what a neat place.

Then, off to watch the GA vs. TN game in a crowded sandwich shop. It was nice to actually win in front of some annoying fans...if I had to hear "Good Old Rocky Top" I may go crazy!!! After that some shopping at the fantastic outlets! Ryan had so much fun...not, but he was very nice about letting me go in the stores while he say on the park bench. He made some new friends!

That night we had our anniversary dinner. We enjoyed The Park Grill in Gatlinburg. It was a super romantic dinner except for the little girl behind us spying on us! She kept us in reality while the piano player was sending us off into a melody. I have always loved the sound of the piano and it's memories of Mom and Dad that it brings me. I only wish I had that talent. We capped off the night with a fire at the cabin.

Sunday morning we woke up and had a relaxing breakfast. All of our things were packed in the car ready to go. We did some more sight seeing, went to the Apple Barn, Ryan showed me where they stayed when he was younger, and just enjoyed each others company.

On our way home we stopped at a state park where the state lines meet. It has the most gorgeous view. We also enjoyed Cherokee for lunch. It was a nice change of pace and we will be back...sooner than I can even imagine!

Enjoy the pics!

(isn't he handsome???!!!! I love him!)


Prayers are powerful things! Our friend Kory is going through a rough time, but has a contagious attitude. Please head on over to his Caring Bridge page and say some prayers! It is inspirational to see all of the love!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am so totally bummed because I have no pictures from any of my birthday celebrations.

This year I have been feeling totally and completely grateful for all I have, but realize I have so much! So, I wasn't expecting much...which made it even better when I did get thoughtful gifts or sweet gestures.

First, I love cards where people write heart-felt messages and I definitely got some from wonderful friends and family!

Then, Ryan took me out for my birthday dinner. We went to one of my FAVORITE restaurants...The Last Resort in Athens. It's always amazing each time we go! The food is raised/grown from nearby farms. After we got finished there we headed over to NONA's (used to be Harry Bissett's) and drank an awesome coffee that Ryan's cousin made for me! Thanks Chase!

On Saturday we had a fun day!! We hung out at the house with Danielle, Jon, Chels and Brian and watched the game. Well, really the boys watched the game while we ended up talking in another room and dying laughing. We even figured out the Hula Hoop and the funky way we all hoop! Danielle got me a bag of goodies (so thoughtful in picking out her gifts) and Chels got me the cutest monogrammed ornament I can't wait to hang soon! After that we all piled in Chels and Brian's suv and went to meet more friends at The Melting Pot! It was a blast. I love how everyone that God made is so unique! Wonderful night full of bday people: Jon, Me, Chels, Laura, and I may be forgetting someone!

Next, Sunday was a super busy...but fun day! We headed to Ryan's parents for lunch! I got a nice southern cookbook and the cutest Thirty-One lunchbox! His mom cooked chicken, veggies, fruit and a yummy chocolate pie! It was so good that I wanted to eat it all, but I had to save room. That evening we all (me, Ryan, and Lyla) headed over to Mom and Dads. We had one of my favorite homemade meals Mom makes. The table was full of London Broil, yummy sauce, rice with mushrooms, and veggies! We also had great cupcakes that Mom poured the icing on to! They were super delicious! Mom is crafty and she made part of my bday presents. I got a bottle-cap necklace and cute letters that spell N E S T to put in my home! I also got pjs from Erin and Greg that have quatrefoils on them in pink and white for Phi Mu! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! Erica also got me an awesome blue watch with rhinestones around the face! :)

I am so blessed! One thing I did notice is 26 feels a little bit old for how I feel. I think I am still an 18 year old sometimes. How did I get here to this wonderful spot in my life?! I wonder what led me here and it is: God, supportive parents, a loving husband, an awesome brother and sister, and fabulous friends. I am thankful for so much! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Week!!

I love to stay busy...I think! This week made me second guess it just a bit, but it was still enjoyable! Mondays are always a bit more busy than what they used to be since we meet with our small group from Athens Church. It's amazing what God can do if you give him some effort and attention. We are feeling very blessed! It's great to meet 6 other couples who are in the same part of life and support each other.

Tuesday I had a bit of a headache, so I missed class. For those of you who don't know I am in my L-6 Specialists Program for Leadership in School Admin. I can't wait to finish, but it's another great group of people that look out for each other...told you I am blessed! Ryan's been working a little bit later because tax season is right around the corner. The house had to be straightened up since guests would be over on Wednesday for a gorgeous jewelry party.

Wednesday was a great day at work, like always, and then home to make the pumpkin bread for the party. My mom has the best recipe for pumpkin bread! I think it was a hit. The girls all came around 7 and we had some social time and laughs and then Kim arrived from Premier Jewelry. Kim and I have been friends for almost 8 years. Time flies!!! She called me about a month ago and asked her if I would have a party for her to show the jewelry and I said of course. She is doing this on top of being a mother baby nurse. She loves to stay busy as well. Thanks to all of the ladies who came out mid-week to hang out! :)

Thursday .... so busy! I was a bit tired from the excitement the evening before, so I wasn't sure how happy I'd be. BUT, did you know coffee helps me out a lot!!! I brewed some Starbucks coffee on strong and left with a full cup! I was good to go. After school we had a meeting for a field trip our classes will be going on. It's a big deal since it's an overnight trip. The parents and kids are super excited about it. I hope Pam gets excited too! Last time we went a mouse (sounds better that a rat) got into my bag and she hasn't wanted to go back yet! After the meeting we had Health Night in the gym! It was the most exciting PTO ever. Our school is on a huge health kick which is here to stay. During the school day - everyday - we get a healthy snack (some fruit or veggie). Now, we also have a new Health M Powers curriculum that makes us get up and move during the day. It's neat to see EVERYONE so excited about making their lives healthy. :) I finally made it home and Ryan had a little bit of pizza (natural) waiting for me. I love him!

Friday - the most adventurous day yet! Little Lyla came to school with me! We are studying genetics and specifically about learned behaviors and inherited traits. It was a lot of fun and she was on her best behavior. The part that stressed me out the most was worrying about her AND all of my students. At the end of the day she showed off her tricks she has LEARNED so far, Zander the police dog came, and Pam's Shelty Buffy! It truly was the day of the dogs. I ended the day with a movie with a close friend, dinner, and lots of laughs!

Saturday finally arrived! I have been looking forward to this day! I went to my fantastic hairdresser who let me relax and we talked the morning away. She is great and knows just what to do - great hairdressers are like this and I have had many in my life! :) Then, football, football, football...even though GA wasn't on TV it was a great night!

Sunday is here and I am about to grocery shop, hit up Mal's bday paint party, and then go to a corn maze with my hubby! Pics from the week should be posted soon!

I hope you have a great week and THANK GOD for all he has done!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....

A couple of my friends do this...a picture for Wednesday. That is right up my alley, so here it goes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall has arrived...

I have been obsessed with checking out all of the cool fall decor on these blogs...Thrifty Decor Chick, The Nester, and Hooked on Houses! The Nester and Hooked on houses have open houses and mantel parties going on right now! Check them out and get some ideas!

Here is what our home looks like for the Autumn season.

more details: love this favorite and it will stay up all year (not the pumpkin)!

in guest bedroom: my painted polka-dot pumpkin!

my homemade wreath! Total cost: $10! I love the added touch of glitter spray!

kitchen/breakfast table details:

I think we are ready for the fall season! What about you? What do you do to celebrate fall?

Danielle's Wedding Weekend

Danielle and Jon were hitched on Oct. 2nd! It was a gorgeous, classy ceremony and reception.

The weather on Saturday was to die for. It was a nice temperature with a small breeze. Have I ever mentioned in my next life I would love to be a weather lady?!! JK! I met Danielle at her house and we rode to the salon together. It was nice because it gave us time to talk! :)

At the salon they did our hair, air-brush makeup, and all of us had time for girl talk. I can't stress how wonderful Danielle's girls are. It was a blessing to connect with them. Once we were finished we were driven in a limo to the church where we took pictures! I snapped some too! The link is below.

Then, before we knew it the ceremony was about to begin. At the very last minute Ryan sent Danielle's cousin in with the hankie I ordered a while back! It hadn't arrived before I left that morning, so I wasn't sure if she'd get it or not! I had her monogram and wedding date stitched in blue, so she could have it during the wedding...her SOMETHING BLUE! There were other sweet touches that made the day special to her.

The ceremony was beautiful and special. I loved the prayer time the entire congregation had for them. It was powerful. Danielle and Jon smiled the whole time...just precious.

The reception was out of a fairy tale...again check out the pics! I love pink and that's what was all around. Even our dresses were HOT PINK! Right up my alley. I gave my speech..., Chels, and the Best Man gave theirs and we danced!!! We also got to enjoy the PHOTO BOOTH! It was too much fun with all of the props they provided. My mom got in with me and Erin and we laughed and posed!

Then, they ran down a path of giant sparklers and were off to the Bahamas! I know they will be blessed!

Love you both and congrats!

For now check out the pics...Danielle's Wedding!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Danielle is getting married!

My gorgeous best friend, Danielle, is getting married in 7 days!! We have known each other since our freshman year in college. I never thought she would be my friend: she is talented, breathtakingly beautiful, and super smart! Then, we began our classes for Middle Grades Education and we got super close! Especially on our dangerous rides to and from Chestatee! It is neat to see how God places people in your life. Danielle and I will be friends forever! I can't wait to see her as a bride on October 2nd! She has been such an inspiration to me and others. I am so happy to spend her special day with her like she did with me a year ago!

Yesterday was a big day packed full with a Bridesmaid Luncheon at Chateau Elan, pedi/mani, and then the Bachelorette Party.

The luncheon was awesome! We all ate like queens! Emily, my new friend, got cake for all of us to taste! Right Emily? Then, Danielle passed out presents! We each got cute monogrammed bags which I of course loved!! PINK AND MONOGRAMMED - Am I in heaven? Then, we got fancy jewelry wrapped with our initial (I know, pinch me) and a giftcard for the nail salon that afternoon! Then, THE BEST ... a white robe with zebra ribbon and our monogram! I KNOW... can you believe we are friends, we have nothing in common! I loved them and felt so special!

Next, we drove to the nail salon and had more girl time! It was only Danielle and her bridesmaids. I got to catch up with Danielle and Katie! I haven't seen Katie since college. :)

One thing I have noticed about all of the wedding showers is Danielle's selection of friends. She has got the most loving and friendly girls surrounding her on her special day and in life.

Later that night all of us plus MORE friends met back at my house for Danielle's lingerie shower and bachelorette party! My mom and I have so much fun giving showers! It's a fun time to work on ideas and see a vision come to life. I was super excited to do this for Danielle and hope she loved it! We had yummy food, an awesome cake, and the TIPSY CANVAS! Dusti, owner of the Tipsy Canvas, brought all of her supplies over and we painted at my house! How neat is that? Our paintings turned out awesome with each one a bit different and unique. I can't thank my mom enough for her HUGE HELP (meaning she did most of it)!

My favorite time was the girl talk that happened when just a few of us stuck around! Of course I was there, but Danielle, Laura, Emily, Chelsea H, and Rachael all stuck around, too. We had the most laughs and really got to know each other some more! I love them already!

All in was a great day! I can't wait until next weekend, right Danielle? Thank you for letting me share with you!

You can see the entire day HERE!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A lot of things have been happening this summer.  One of the greatest events is God working in my life.  Since my junior year in high school I haven't had the best relationship with Him.  Prior to my junior year I was highly involved in my church youth group, sang with a praise team, and felt very confident in knowing and loving God.  Then, March 24th, 2002 happened.  My boyfriend and one of my best friends died in a car wreck on the way home from my house.  It is interesting to me how strong I thought my relationship with God was.  I feel that if it were stronger it wouldn't have taken me so long to not be angry with Him.  When I say angry I was ANGRY!  I had hate in my heart and could not understand why a loving God would have let this happen.  The only thing that gave me peace was knowing Wesley was in a much better place.

So, this summer my sister asked me to go to Athens Church with her.  Don't get me wrong, I have been attending church, but there is something about it there that feeds me.  It may be the younger crowd, the music, or the message (I think it's all of those and more).  The Spirit inside me has been reawakened.  I have let God fully back in to my life.  It's not because I don't think bad things can happen, but I am learning to completely trust Him again.  I have wonderful examples all around me and it's amazing how God works.

Ryan has been going with me and we both LOVE it.  It feels bad if we miss a day.   14For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15from whom his whole family[a] in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3 : 14 - 19.

Ryan and I just got back from a beach trip and God was all around us in the sunset, the powerful water, and safety in our trip down and back. 

My beautiful sister, Erin.
My lovely cousin, Hannah!
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