Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 and a half months with little Vann man!

How Far Along: 38 weeks & 3 Days
Sleep: YES! Much better this week. I haven't been getting up as much through the night! 
This Week: It's been a ton of fun and very productive! Since I was later blogging last week, I only have a couple of days to catch up on. Saturday was awesome. It was Kayla (my SIL) and Will's wedding. We had a blast at the rehearsal and lingerie shower on Friday. Kayla got some cute things! Saturday am we went to one of my favorite places...The White House Salon and I got to see my gal Carrie! She was a rockstar as always and hooked me up with awesome hair and makeup. Kris and McCall were there to make us all look our best as well. Kayla was a knockout!! 


The wedding was perfect. Details are what I love and they were full of them from the initials on each bridesmaids bouquet, handmade hangers by Kayla, sweet program fans with pictures of parents and grandparents on their wedding day, and the cutest photo booth! We had a blast dancing! I thought for sure if I was going to go into labor, today would be the day to help me. No such thing - it was a very relaxing one for me. I guess I was thinking about when I photograph weddings - TWO very different worlds. Congrats Kayla and Will. My ankles were ridiculous when I got home. I felt so blown up like the Nutty Professor. Thank God for Ryan and his awesome massages and Rehydrate. They were back down on Sunday.

On Sunday, the power at church went out so the 10:30 service was a no-go for us. That was ok with me. I just watched online. Check out Coach Mark Richt of the UGA Bulldogs and what he shared with Athens Church! Awesome!! 

Monday was back to work for me. I was asked to record teachers that worked hard at our county-wide assessment summit. Terri and I got them recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. I love how technology helps so much with communication. It was a good day back. We enjoyed our nightly family walk as well.
{Taking a break after our walk!}
Tuesday was my false alarm. I thought for sure something didn't feel quite right (very nauseous, lots of pressure, and sick feeling). It put me into a panic. I texted Ryan and told him I was not getting my hopes up, but maybe today would be the day. Then, I hopped in the shower in case it was. Well, from the time I texted to the time I got out of the shower I had about 7 missed calls and several texts. I had scared Ryan and he thought I was passed out somewhere. I felt horrible to make him stress out. After letting him know I was just in the shower, I laid down and took a cat nap. It wasn't a long one though because my mind started racing with all I had left to do. So, I wrote a list and had Erin drive me to Target and Publix. I stocked up on essentials for the big day and got my bags completely packed. Vann's is totally ready, mine has a couple things that I will throw in last minute, and Ryan's is a work in progress! Last night, we put together the pack and play and rolled it to the living room. The power went to a "brown-out" and eventually a "black-out" which made our evening even more interesting. As if putting together an entire playard wasn't enough adventure!

Today, it's been another nesting day. Got lots accomplished and feel even more prepared. Our dresser will arrive on Saturday for the nursery. Dad is antiquing it after he has changed it from black to a white color to match the crib. So thankful for him! I have washed all of Vann's sheets, more clothes, and organized the closet! It's almost done!
Food Cravings:  Nothing really. I am going to get some FroYo sometime tomorrow with my dear friend. I am looking forward to it.
How’s Mama? I am so anxious to meet our little man. He is just moving and grooving around...not nearly as much as last week though. I think he's a bit cramped. 

What I miss: Not running into things. I think I am the most clumsy person ever. I randomly drop things, forget words, and just feel silly. What in the world? 
What I am looking forward to: I want to see the nursery all pulled together! It's neat seeing his Pack and Play, Rock N Play, crib, etc. all set up, but I want it DONE! I wish I could do it all, but I have awesome help that will make it look incredible! Thanks Ryan, Mom, Dad, and Greg!
 {Ryan did get the shelves done last week! Now, we have to paint them. Can't wait to take a real pic of the nursery and do a post!}

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is the size of a PUMPKIN! Yes, that's right. He sure is. I held up a spaghetti squash to my tummy yesterday, and I could fit two in there to make one of my belly! CRAZY! I go to the dr. tomorrow to see if Vann is any closer to joining us.
  Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 34 lbs and HOLDING.
  • stretch marks: none yet, but today I ran into his crib and have a scratch on my belly. Sorry Vann!
  • mood: anxious!
  • belly button: the bottom is poking out for real! It's incognito for sure! You can't even tell there is a belly button there!
  • wedding rings: yep!
Vann, we are so close to meeting face to face! Are you ready? We are! We have been praying for our drs and nurses along with a safe and healthy delivery. That's all we can ask for! You are already so blessed with all of your gifts and people that love you so much already. I know my heart is going to grow 100 times when I meet you and hold your little hands. I hope you have the sweetest little yawn. I think that's my favorite baby face! I know you will. We love you to the moon and back. Mwah! Love, Mommy and Daddy

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Friday, July 26, 2013

9 months and 1 week

37 weeks pregnant! Wow!

How Far Along: 37 weeks & 4 Days
Sleep: Still loading up on my rest. It's not my typical schedule since I wake up around 4, then again around 6 am, and then fall asleep around 10 am. Crazy! Although, I am trying to get in as much now to prepare myself for sweet Vann!

This Week: It has been a good/tough week and a busy weekend! The one coming up is full of excitement as well! Ryan and I got in a date night with Ashley and Drew! It was so good to see them. I helped host a great mixer on Friday night. Saturday was jam packed. I got another basket of fruit and veggies from Bountiful Basket early around 8 am, then headed for my last dress fitting for Kayla and Will's wedding. James Douglas' first birthday party was next. He was so happy on his big day. Malorie did a great job planning. Next, it was off to McKenzie and Sean's baby shower with yummy food and fun games. Ryan sent me a picture and it made me so excited. He put the bookshelves up! They are so cute! That evening it wasn't quite as fun since we were off to the funeral home for Ryan's great-grandmother's visitation. Lucille Jordan was a beautiful woman with an even more amazing spirit. She will be missed for sure. Sunday was church and the funeral. Needless to say, my feet, legs, and hands became swollen because of the busy schedule. Thank God for Rehydrate. They were back to normal on Sunday evening. FOR THE RECORD: People who feel the need to point out that they notice my feet are swollen are RUDE! I wanted to respond, "Really, I had no idea my feet were puffy!" Monday night we enjoyed dinner with our small group and received gifts, cupcakes, and Vann's first Bible with his name etched in the front. So very sweet! Tuesday I was spoiled! I got my hair done for the last time before Vann comes. Carrie always makes me feel so refreshed. Then, Erin, Abby, and I went to get our nails done. Wednesday was a not-so-good day and I won't go into detail, but it was just one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days and I am glad it's over. Thursday was a bit more doable because Ryan and I got to spend time together and I saw friends at a mixer. We even installed the's getting real! I am glad it's Friday and Kayla will be getting married tomorrow!
Food Cravings: I may crave things, but I certainly can't eat them. I had a salad and sandwich for dinner last night and couldn't breathe comfortably for at least 2 hours after. There's NO ROOM! Vann was told Monday night that he could come out and meet us whenever he was ready!
How’s Mama? Doing well. Ready to meet my baby, but am glad he's taking his time getting all ready to meet us.

What I miss: Wearing normal clothes and walking without a waddle!
What I am looking forward to: I can't wait to see the nursery finished! It's going to be precious. I also feel ready for labor and delivery because I know at the end of it will be our healthy baby boy!
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is the size of a winter melon! I believe it. That's exactly what my belly resembles! He was doing great at our appt this week. He is still moving and grooving. Hiccups are precious, yet they stress me out because I know how much I hate them. I just pat my belly where his back and bottom are and they go away!

  Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 31 lbs
  • stretch marks: none yet!
  • mood: happy with a side of stress to get everything done!
  • belly button: the bottom is poking out just a bit! 
  • wedding rings: yep!
Vann, You are worth every good and bad time because you are bringing such joy to Daddy and I. This morning, I folded up some more of your clothes and can't believe how small you will be. I think Lyla knows you are getting close to arrival because she goes into your room each morning and checks on everything. She will be your best friend. You have lots of people that are so excited to meet you, give you hugs, and tell you stories. It's almost time and you are going to change our lives forever! 

Love you little man! 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

9 months pregnant!

I am 9 months pregnant. Before I got pregnant I thought that pregnancy was ONLY 9 months! Wrong...10 months!

How Far Along: 36 weeks & 3 Days
Sleep: It's going! The past two days have been better! Lyla likes to walk in our room around 5:30 am (since I used to get up for work at that time) and tries to wake me up. This morning she put her nose to my back and huffed it on me. What in the world?! Needless to say, I got up and let her outside. She's so sweet I can't get mad, but 5:30 when I didn't fall asleep until after midnight...ugh! Guess I better get used to it!
Best Moment This Week: I loved that it was pretty relaxed. We had a cookout with friends, got my dress fitted for Kayla's wedding (have to go back one more time to make sure the hem is right), and enjoyed an awesome baby shower with some of my closest friends! I have held a couple of mixers for my AdvoCare team as well. Yesterday we had our 36 week appointment!

The doctor's appointment had to be my favorite time because we got to see Vann again! His little lips were all puckered and he was putting his hand in his mouth. His spine was gorgeous. It's so crazy to see all of the little vertebrates exactly perfect. We confirmed his position. He is most definitely head down, turned a little sideways with his back on my left side, and feet kicking my right side. I love him so much!
Dr. Lake estimated that Vann was 7 lbs and will be around 8 to 8.5 lbs when he is born. He told us that ultrasounds show a +/-20% difference. Well, he was super close, because the ultrasound measured Vann at 6 lbs. and 11 oz. When I was born I weighed 7 lb 8 oz, and Ryan was 8 lbs. even! So, Vann's probably gonna be close! His heartbeat was in the 140s, and he was doing great!
Food Cravings: They are starting to dwindle. I was snacking a lot, but there's just not a lot of room, so eating fills me up fast!

How’s Mama? Doing great! My muscles are relaxing a lot, so I have noticed my legs going numb or feeling a bit odd pretty often. That's always fun. I had a bit of a breakdown in the middle of last week because we still have things to do before he arrives. Daddy is working on the furniture and I am waiting on a few projects to get completed, then I will feel a bit less stressed! While Dossinator may not be working on the bookshelves, he has been making our yard look amazing! The rain has been making everything green!

What I miss: Being able to sit up like a normal person. When you have another little body inside of you, it's hard to bend forward or even stand up. Vann is worth it!

What I am looking forward to: I can't wait to see the nursery finished! It's going to be precious. I also feel ready for labor and delivery because I know at the end of it will be our healthy baby boy!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is the size of a honeydew or larger according to our check up!
  Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 30 lbs
  • stretch marks: none yet!
  • mood: happy with a side of stress to get everything done!
  • belly button: the bottom is poking out just a bit! 
  • wedding rings: yep! 
**Video of Vann moving joke!**
 {his bottom/back is moving around up top and his feet are kicking on the bottom
of my tummy...I look like I could be a major belly dancer}

Vann, You are almost could be any day or 5 more weeks! Whatever it is, you are so loved! We loved seeing you yesterday. Your little lips were all poked out and you kicked around a couple of times. We love seeing your feet slide around on the side of my tummy. How cute are you! Sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable when you decide to stretch out from your head to your toes, but it's probably nothing compared to you growing bigger and the space around you getting smaller. I love when we say prayers and sing our lullabies. *I am hoping that when I sing lullabies when you are here, that they will calm you down because right now they are having the opposite effect!* We love you sweet blessing!
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday, so I am linking up with some sweet ladies to share what's on our mind! 

I had a great shopping trip and lunch with my sis. Glad she was off of work and I got out of the house. I think the combo of rain+getting ready for baby+more rain was the culprit! We had fun looking at baby clothes and such! Carter's was having a great sale, so I stocked up on some larger sizes. Who knows how big our boy will be! **I had to get his first holiday onesie!**

Tonight we are headed to a cookout. I always get nervous about what to bring, but this time I am bringing two of my favorites: watermelon and banana pudding. It's not just any banana pudding either, it's Paula Deen's yummy recipe.

The nursery is nearly done, but still has some things that I am stressing over to get done. I think I am the only one worried about it! Ryan's words to me last night..."we have diapers, a place for him to sleep, and milk". It's true! I just want these shelves done for all of his books!

Tomorrow is my last fitting before Kayla (my sista-in-laws) Big Day! Ahhh! I am praying my belly doesn't get too much bigger between now and then. I loved how the dress looked about 3 weeks ago! Prayin' it looks like that again tomorrow.

I am loving these shakes! I was on a vanilla kick, but just broke into my chocolate mocha stash this morning! It's what I needed to calm my sweet tooth down! Perfect ratio of proteins to carbs to boost that metabolism and getting in lots of vitamins and minerals. Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me! YUM!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Walking by faith is hard. unsettling. awkward. laborous. unpleasant. challenging. rewarding. beneficial. merciful. humbling. and what God asks us to do every minute. Trust Him and His plan.

"The LORD will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don't abandon me, for you made me." Psalm 138:8 (NLT)

Have you ever asked God for something, he delivered, and you just weren't sure where to go? That's the fork in the road that I am staring at and making decisions about. He came along beside me, lifted me up, and allowed what I've asked for. Great! Thank you GOD! So, now I have to step on faith and make a decision where you don't always see a clear path. The what-ifs cloud our judgment, they enable us to doubt, and cause a game of worrying that is agonizing.

Right now I am seeing this path that is laid out and turn to the left and see another. Both are wonderful options, but one is what I have asked God for continuously. It seems so silly why this would be a hard decision. The only reason it is... is because of my lack of faith. My thoughts go from "what if it's not God opening this door", "if I don't take the path, it's a slap in the face to God who has provided", and so on.

God, my prayer to you today is to give me wisdom, faith, and trust in your plan 100%. This song says it perfectly.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

35 many more will it be?

Yesterday was 35 weeks! HOLY COW! Vann will be here soon!

How Far Along: 35 weeks & 2 Days
Sleep: I am doing well. I have gotten used to waking up every so often to roll myself over. I CAN'T WAIT to sleep on my tummy and back again! This sleeping on my side is for the birds...the way my belly pulls on my back can't be good! Poor Ryan has not been sleeping well...I hate when I wake up and he's still awake. I can fall asleep so quick and easy, and he has to lay there forever. It makes me feel awful for him and even more terrible that I can fall right back into dreamland. 
Best Moment This Week: There have been lots! I loved that Ryan was off for a long 4 day weekend! The 4th was fun! Dad came over and painted more of Vann's room. We enjoyed celebrating my Papa's 87th birthday and having cake and ice cream that Nannie made.  Ryan and I had a movie date as well since it was icky weather! 
{Not done yet, but closer than before!}

Friday, we went golfing Ryan went golfing and I rode in the golf cart with him. We got stuck in a torrential downpour and dodged it by hiding under trees off to the side of the course. It probably wasn't the smartest decision, but I love being caught in the rain with the Dossinator. He is amazing. 
Saturday, I woke up early and made my way into town to pick up our first Bountiful Basket. I highly recommend finding a co-op in your neck of the woods. We have fruits and veggies flowing out of our ears. It even allowed me to pull out our juicer that Ryan bought a year ago and try it out for the first time! YUM! We love it. We had no idea what to mix together, but whatever we did worked! They are just a pain to wash all of the pieces! That night we had a date to Athens! We enjoyed some pizza from Mellow Mushroom and talking about the future! 

Sunday, we were skippers and missed church! Thank goodness the sermons are online and we can catch up!  Our friends, Sarah and Clint, were in town! Ryan and Clint headed to the golf course, and Sarah and I had brunch and manis/pedis! 
 {Vann got this sweet present in the mail from Britney, my Phi Mu sister! 
I love his hooded beach towel!}
Monday, we had a great shower at Ryan's work! Vann is definitely going to be taken care of with all of the awesome gifts and sweet prayers he has had. We even got to see Easton and Gabby again! It was good to hear some mommy advice as well. Greg had come over earlier in the day and installed Vann's fan and curtain rod/curtains! Ryan was surprised, and I hope it helped take some of the "to-do" list pressure off of him!

Food Cravings: Cold! Veggies, fruit, frozen yogurt. Anything cold is refreshing! 

How’s Mama? I cannot complain! This has been a great pregnancy. I have been praying that delivery goes well, praying for the nurses and doctors, and praying for a strong mental dedication in birth. Ryan is going to be amazing!

What I miss: The sun! It looks like it has finally peeped out these last two days, but goodness we were about to build an ark! The rain was crazy. I am pretty sure Ryan cut the grass 3 times last week! (As I am writing this it started raining kidding!)

What I am looking forward to: Seeing our sweet boy on the ultrasound next week! We also have an awesome shower that some of our best friends are throwing and attending on Sunday! I can't wait to see everyone! I have a few more things to get before I can pack my hospital bag and be done with it. I have all of Vann's stuff, just need snacks/clothes for Ryan, slippers and pjs for me, and a couple other things to get us through!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is the size of a coconut! He's about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. From here on out, he won't get much longer, but he's plumping up. He's now about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds, and he'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. **I will know closer measurements when I go to our dr. visit next week!**
Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 28 lbs
  • stretch marks: none yet!
  • mood: happy with a side of stress to get everything done!
  • belly button: FLAT!
  • wedding rings: yep! 
Vann, We can't wait to see your beautiful eyes, your little fingers, and tiny toes! We are getting prepared as best we can for you. I love walking by your room and peeping in. It's changed so much in there since we found out you were coming. We wrote in your baby book, and one day you will get to read the story of Mommy and Daddy and all about how we prayed for you to join us! 
Love you sweet boy! 
{Vann, Lyla loves to snuggle with you already!}
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