Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

27 years baby!!

Is she not the cutest?

I have a student in my class that is in the hospital right now just to get her immune system back to good health! She is a sweetheart and rockin' out like a champ. Erin and I rode down to visit her in Atlanta! Erin had visited the hospital during her clinical rotations, but I had never been. For a hospital, it is the neatest!! I hate to even think that, but if you have to go at least it looks bright and cheery, the nurses are welcoming, and they even have cool things that go on during the day. When we got there Costume Bingo was starting! HOW COOL!! They don't give away candy either. It's more like gaming systems, games, dvds, etc! Sweet!!
My little ladybug all ready for a game of Bingo!!She really enjoyed all of the letters our 5th grade made her!
Starbucks in the hospital!
Beautiful art lines the hallways!

Here's to a fast return sweet girl! :) We all love you!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Here!

What is here you ask? My early birthday present from Ryno!!
It's only the best planner . . . an Erin Condren Life Planner to be exact! Even the box it shipped in is precious!

I say this a lot, "presentation is everything" and Erin gets that. She even threw in some awesome gift labels! Hello Christmas presents!

And here's what we've all been waiting for! It is an organized work of art!

Thank you Ryan for *knowing* just what I wanted! I am thankful that you are my husband in this journey of life. I couldn't have asked for more!

Do you have an Erin Condren Life Planner or something else by her? Let me know!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2nd Anniversary: Coming Home!

Our trip home wasn't the fastest, but it was enjoyable! We had to take a picture on our swing on the cabin's front porch. It was so peaceful there.

Thank you God for our sweet trip, my amazing hubby, and our memories made together! Here's to 100 more! Love you sweetie!

2nd Anniversary: Saturday + UGA Game

Breakfast made by my husband was the start of our super Saturday! He decided on the way home from dinner the night before that HE was making us a good breakfast. I guess he didn't like my Cheerios. :) The sausage, grits, eggs, apple, and banana were delicious. I am blessed to have him as my love!
I really wanted to hit up some antique stores . . . so we did. Ryno really enjoyed himself, too. I was worried he wouldn't like it. We saw some really old things and some great refinished items.
I bought a candle called Prairie Butter. I can't even describe the smell other than heavenly and when I walk by it I feel like I have eaten the best dessert possible!
After the antiquing, we headed to the outlets . . . the good ones in Sevierville, and had lunch and walked around. We were incognito UGA fans for the most part. There was tooooo much orange happening around the outlet mall, so we headed home to change into our attire. Ryan surprised us with UGA vs. TN tickets!! I got the email about 5 days before with the subject: SURPRISE!

On the way over to Knoxville we were stopped at a red light. The Tahoe next to us rolled it's window down and something flew out hitting my car. I wasn't sure what it was, but I heard the sound of it bouncing off. I opened my door and peeped out and couldn't see anything. Then, the driver's window rolled down and out came the most southern voice you have ever heard. God bless TN. READ THIS ALOUD IN YOUR MOST REDNECK VOICE: "It was just a piece of cannnnddyy. He's just 3 years old. He threw a piece of candy." They repeated the same sentences a couple more times while I sat there with my jaw to the floor. Seriously. . . I didn't even ask. They never apologized one time and just sped off. Parents, a pop on the hand or he's sorry would have sufficed. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR CHILD! Thankfully there were no dents in sweet Pearl.
His family was up to see the game as well, so we joined them in tailgating and had lots of laughs!
{The Doss Gals. Me, Kayla, and Shelia}
{The Doss Men! Gene, Adam, and Ryan}
{The Whole Fam!}

We made some friends before the game started while I was trying to find a restroom that wasn't a port-a-potty without success. They were very nice and a lot of fun. A couple of them worked for the Channel 8 News Station in town. Cool!
Our location of seats were wonderful, but the sea of orange was not. The lady sitting next to me wanted to start a fight making comments about me. She leaned over and told her husband in a loud, obnoxious voice, "I would much rather sit next to a TN fan". Then, she taps the man in front of her, who she doesn't know, and says, "Boy, their quarterback sure is a one-man show" and looks at me. Needless to say, we had other friends there that had some empty spots near them so we joined them! At the end of the game I was begging Ryan to let me go down there and ask her how she was since UGA won, but that was definitely not the nice thing to do!
It was a great end to our Saturday night in Knoxville, as we walked out with our heads held high!
Isn't that the cutest couple you ever did see? :)

2nd Anniversary: Friday!

Our first full day there was gorgeous! We drove into Gatlinburg to do some ̶s̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ people watching! We had lunch on the patio of No Way Jose's Cantina and enjoyed some quesadillas while watching men fish in the river.

After that we headed up the sidewalk to check out some of the little shops. I am not impressed with the quality of the shops there unless you want a tasteless t-shirt, a ticket to a Ripley's Believe It or Not freak show, or a shot glass. None of those really appealed to us, so we opted for putt putt. Not just any putt putt . . . Hillbilly Golf.
{Ryan in downtown Gatlinburg)
{Ryan has gotten very talented with the camera. Check out those thirds.}
{On our way up the mountain to play golf.}

{Of course Mr. Van Doss won!}

{I did try . . . probably not my best!}
{I did get a lovely color golf ball, though!}
{Back down the mountain we went, but not before Ry showed us his winning card!}

After our quick game of golf, we ran by the Park Grill. It's where we celebrated our one year anniversary last year. Delicious is how you can describe it. Ryan made reservations for us! Thanks babe!!

We headed back to the cabin to get fancied up and made it back to dinner around 8. I had some trout and Doss had a steak. I loved it! We talked about all sorts of things and thanked God for all he has blessed us with. It was a wonderful night.

{Me and the bear hanging out after supper.}

To top off our fabulous day, dessert was waiting in the cabin. If you've never had a cake from Cecilia's in Athens . . . what are you waiting for? Our cake was a Chocolate Bailey's cake. We enjoyed every last bite!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!

Anniversary Trip .part 1.

Our anniversary trip was great! It started out once we got the car packed up. I have to learn to minimize my luggage. Ryan carries his small suitcase and pops it in the car. I, however, carry out 3 bags along with 6 items on hangers. Seriously, it's a relaxing mountain trip. I am always overly prepared when it comes to packing for vacation . . . lists people!

On the hwy we passed Michelle Bachmann's tour bus! I asked Ryan to honk while I gave a thumbs up! The driver cut his eyes at us to make sure we weren't throwing up a different finger . . . when he saw we were giving a thumbs up we heard a lovely horn melody! I loved it!

After riding in the car until 11 pm we pull up to the cabin. Sorry, there's no picture because it was DARK! Ryan opened the door and something flies by his head! A bird that was making a home in the cabin was perched on one of the rafters. See him/her hanging out up there?
Our solution . . . throwing towels, wash cloths, and oven mitts. After 30 minutes, both doors open, and getting several towels stuck in weird places . . . the scared bird made her escape!

But not before leaving this reminder . . . right on Psalm 93!

After all of that excitement . . . we relaxed in our quaint cabin!

Relaxing for Ryno = FOOTBALL!

We are so thankful for little trips like these!
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