Monday, December 5, 2016

Reflection of a Toddler Boy

I just need to have some time to think about my sweet three year old. He is growing too fast for my heart to keep up. The days are long when you're in the trenches raising children, but you look up and think where did that week, month, year go? This is where I am. How can my baby boy be nearly 3 and a half.
He's wild. He wakes up each morning ready to face the day with an energy that I can't match that early. He is persistent. He is passionate about what he wants. He loves Jesus and knows that he is loved. He is silly. He makes us all laugh a good bit of the time.
He loves to eat. You can't tell it, but he loves food. He loves frozen yogurt, fruit snacks, and has a sweet tooth like his parents. This boy I love has to know what's next. He loves a routine and a plan. He will fight you when you tell him it's nap time, but falls asleep and sleeps hard.
He's not too crazy about mama leaving him at school. I think it's because he believes that his sister and I are doing something really fun without him. We aren't unless he wants to do the laundry, catch up on dishes, or make phone calls. When he gets picked up from school he's happy and has had a great time.
He is creative. I often catch him wanting to draw and color pictures for his family and friends. Most recently he has started to add pieces of household items to his pieces of artwork. He makes castles out of sand and snakes out of play dough.
He likes to be around people. He always wants to play with someone. He loves for his friends to come over or spend time at their house. He loves his family so much. His best friend is Ava.
He Fred Flintstone's his tricycles around faster than anyone could pedal them. He's an athlete. He runs fast. Swings the bat and hits the ball far. Aims straight.
He wants to be a doctor one day giving shots. The next he's a dentist. Then he's a race car driver. Later he's a police officer, a farmer, a firefighter, a dragon fighter, and a musician. The dreams he has. I hope he's always a dreamer. Never let anyone take that away.
He's a big brother. He toughens his sister up. A little too much some days. But he is always there to protect her. He loves her and takes his job seriously.
He lives for his Daddy. He flies to him each day he walks through the door. His laugh comes alive when they are together. They are best friends.
He is our baby that is growing into a boy right before our eyes and each morning he wakes up a little older. God, let me hold on to these moments that are happening every second. Let me show him love, model what you teach us in your Word, and help him to be who You would have him to be.

I love you little boy.

Maggie Turns 7 Months

Our baby is growing up! When the 9th rolled around this month I couldn't believe our little girl had been with us for 7 months.

Maggie is full of smiles, she loves to babble and gets very excited telling us all about it. Her favorite toy is her little orange monkey that was passed down from brother. She LOVES that little thing. She also sticks her tongue out all of the time. I will have to go back and see when Vann did this because I remember him doing this as well! It cracks us up.

She sleeps through the night 75% of the time now. When we moved into our new house she was 3 months old. She was a great sleeper and then around 3 and 1/2 months she was waking up around 1:30 am. So when Maggie began sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago we were ecstatic!

She's finally decided she wants to eat food! At Maggie's 6 month appt she was almost 14 lbs. Trust me she nurses a lot and when I pack bottles she sucks them down and is content. A couple of weeks ago she started eating and really leaning in for the spoon. She's tried sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, green peas, avocados, mangoes, prunes, carrots, green beans, and more. She seems to like the fruits more.

We love watching her try to crawl. Tonight (11/16) we saw her do her best crawl/slide yet. She is almost there. Her brother cheers her along and it's precious. She does like to pull up on things and we joke that she wants to walk more than she does crawl.

We think she's trying to cut her first teeth. She's had some congestion and a hard time sleeping. We will wait and see.

Church and MOPS have been so wonderful. I love seeing how she interacts with others.

She is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She likes her bouncy seat, loves to be outside, and lights up when she sees her brother. We are working on saying "da-da". She knows our names when we ask her to find Daddy, Vann, and Mommy.


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