Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 to YOU!

I am so excited about 2013! One HUGE reason is the fact that Jan. 1st is going to be a huge celebration of people reclaiming their health and making great decisions for their future! You all have seen my posts about AdvoCare and what it has done for some of my awesome friends and family, and now it's your turn!

Tomorrow, AdvoCare has several great products on sale!

1. 24 Day Challenge is on SALE for $175:
This is the incredible system that I started on at the very end of March!  I knew after 3 days that something was different!  AdvoCare helped me drop 7 lbs in 3.5 weeks after I was already eating great and working out. I didn't think that could ever happen! It made me feel so GOOD and ALIVE!  I have maintained that weight loss and dropped more making my total 10 lbs and staying strong! I feel awesome, have energy, and love the effect it has on my life! 

2. A new product is HERE! The 24 Day Challenge and Beyond:
Basically this is the 24 Day Challenge and the max phase that I stay on until it's time for another cleanse. You are getting the DVD, which I will share in a second, along with a free bottle of Catalyst. This system comes with awesome training, great nutrition, and you have everything you need to maximize your results!
 Another super cool part about this product is ... IF YOU ORDER ON JANUARY 1st, you will be entered to win an all-expense paid for two vacation to Hawaii! AdvoCare doesn't play on it's rewards and vacations! Several of my close friends have gotten to enjoy an AdvoCare trip: Paris, Phoenix, and many will be on the Hawaii trip! I know I will be ordering this product to get my name entered into this amazing trip, save on shipping, and have my core nutrition for the rest of the winter! NO BRAINER!!
3. Can You 24? DVD:
This DVD is no joke! It has 7 workouts that are 24 minutes or less. There are top notch trainers that are incredible athletes giving us instruction. These circuit exercises require NO equipment and don't take up a huge chunk of time! No excuses...right!?! I am pumped as well because they have a ColorTrack system that allows you to modify your workout from beginner, intermediate, and advanced...ANYONE can do them! Check out the workouts and coaches here

4. AdvoCare is offering $40,000 in cash prizes!
I definitely want to win a part of this. It's super easy! Get your challenge and dvd, follow the easy system, sign up to win a piece of your pie! There are 40 winners - 20 males and 20 females who will each earn $1,000 for transforming their lives! All you have to do is head over to and click on the link TRANSFORMATION CONTEST! This is open to everyone who signs up to become a member and earn 20% - 40% off of products! The contest signup opens up Jan. 2nd - Jan. 15th!
Check out some of these stories to see HOW lives have been changed in 2012!

{My beautiful sis has seen 25 lbs fall off and she is ready to start the New Year and make some more disappear! Super proud of her!}

{My quick story}

{Pink swimsuit is AFTER a couple of months using the products! Muscle definition!!
Red swimsuit...DAY ONE! We all start somewhere and mine just happened to be during the time of year I am a bit pale! }

{One of my favorite moments this year...slipping on jeans I hadn't worn in a few seasons and having no issue putting them on! No price tag on that!}

{My hot hubby is a daily user of AdvoCare as well and I am so proud of him! He is down 25 lbs and will be starting his 3rd Challenge this week! Each time you do it, you get better results! } 

{Sarah and I go way back! She has been using AdvoCare since the summer and has dropped 33 lbs! She looks amazing and says the feeling is unbelievable! Everytime I see a new picture of her I scream! I am incredibly proud of her and what she has accomplished!}

{Melissa and I started AdvoCare around the same time! She came over to my house for the 2nd mixer I'd ever had! She has big goals and she's almost accomplished them! She has lost nearly 100 lbs and will do it by February! The motivation she gives to others is awesome and I am super proud of her!}

2013 has potential to be the VERY best year for you and your health with the help of AdvoCare's top of the line health and wellness supplements! I will never go a day without placing this extreme nutrition in my body! I love what it's done for my family in so many ways! I want to help you reach your goals!!  Let's go! 

Click the AdvoCare link on my blog to head straight to the store OR leave a comment with you email address so I can answer your questions! 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Our sweet day of thanks.


I am so very thankful for my sweet family. 

I had an amazing Thanksgiving riding up to visit my family that lives in Hiawassee. It was a FUN Scream-Machine of a ride. 

We visited with family and enjoyed the mountain weather on the front porch. I made the comment to Ryan how difficult it was for me at first to just chill out and relax in the stillness, but finally it caught up to me and MAN WAS IT AWESOME! Sometimes we just need to unwind, and where would a better place be than with family enjoying the fresh air. 

Before we ate, we drove up to a gorgeous spot near the house and shot our family photos for 2012. We had some laughs for sure, and the memories we made were awesome. A memory like Greg trying to race me to the camera and almost beating me there until catching a slippery patch is something that certainly made us laugh. 

Then, it was back to the house for family stories, tons of great food, and laughs.laughs.laughs! I added to the yummy meal with the simple green bean casserole and Kentucky Pie {chocolate chip and pecan pie}!

 After we made it home, Ryan and I headed over to his parents and enjoyed talking with the fam. 
 The day was super enjoyable. 

 I think this was the second Black Friday that Mom and I skipped out on. It seems the stores are opening earlier and earlier {10 pm at some places}. There's just nothing I want to wait in line for that much. I am trying to be even more purposeful in all of my gift-giving this year. I can't wait to share some of the gifts that I have for loved ones! 

Hope you and yours had a terrific Thanksgiving! 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am absolutely loving the devotions on my phone each morning. Today's devotion is something that is very near and dear to my heart. It is a topic that a lot of my friends and family discuss often. While your experiences happen and effect you, they also have potential to bring about good. Why do so many of us let circumstances determine so much in life? Just because the most awful of all things happened to you doesn't mean you have to go around treating others or the rest of your life like a waste. Look around today... do you have things that you allow to use as a crutch, an excuse, or a reason to continue a certain behavior or feeling? Praise God for that, and ask him how you can use it to His advantage.

Here's what Joel and Victoria Osteen said:
"I know people who feel like they’ve wasted years of their lives because of poor choices. They spent years in a relationship that was toxic, years with an addiction, years at a job where they weren’t fulfilled. But you have to realize, nothing you have been through is ever wasted. Your past experiences, good and bad have deposited something on the inside of you. Those challenges have sharpened you to help make you who you are today.

When the enemy brings hardship into your life, God has a way of taking that experience and turning it around for your advantage. You may think you’ve hit a dead end, but if you’ll stay in faith, you will see God begin to open up a new route. He’ll put the right people in your path, the right opportunities, the right circumstances to move you forward toward your God-given destiny.

Today, don’t focus on what’s happened in your past, focus on what God will do in your future. He wants to restore your soul and revive your dreams. Keep believing, keep expecting, keep hoping because God has a new route for your future!"

He redeems me from death
and crowns me with love and tender mercies. (Psalm 103:4 NLT)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am beyond blessed with amazing friends! I don't say this lightly.

I know that there are "friends" that are acquaintances, those you have for a season, reason, and those that you can always count on and they count on you.

Then, there are those that love you at your best and those you cry with at your very worst.

I am blessed with several! One of them helped make my day shine! I am so grateful for Colleen! She and I co-teach together. We have had the very best time pushing our students to grow and supporting one another!

Today she set up fake meeting with our principal, API, and gifted teacher! I thought I was just super popular with all of them, but come to find out I had something waiting for me!

When I made my way down to the classroom this was waiting for me!


A whole party had been planned for nearly a week! How exciting! The kids kept a secret and enjoyed bringing in goodies, presents, and sweet homemade cards!

Colleen brought some sunshine to my 28th birthday! I appreciate her so very much!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's never too late for fun!

As I get older, I think it's even more fun to get creative and dress up. CHECK OUT MY PAST HALLOWEEN POST HERE!  The only problem is...I am a procrastinator. Although, some of my very best work is in the last hour before something needs to be done. Anyone else like that?

When we were told that our small group Halloween party would be on Monday, I started coming up with ideas. Ryan would reply, "I don't want to be ________!" So back to the drawing board I would go.

Finally, I asked Mom and she came up with several. One that I knew we could do was Barbie and Ken! I simply needed boxes, pink spray paint, wrapping paper, and Ryan's neat-freak cutting to make it happen!

After school on Monday, I tried to collect any boxes that were ready for wasn't happening. That was too much work. The second option was a lifesaver! Our friend, Bobby, works at Home Depot and put some boxes to the side for us. I grabbed the rest of the supplies and flew home to start and complete the project in hopes it would work!


When Dossinator got home he was greeted by Lyla, myself, and a couple of giant pink boxes! He helped me by cutting the front of the boxes out. 

We dressed up in fancy Ken and Barbie fashion and headed to our annual small group Halloween celebration.

We carved pumpkins, took photos, ate good food, and laughed. 
This is what living is all about! 

How cute are everyone's costumes! They are so very creative! 

Happy Fall Y'all! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marvelous Monday

  Mom and I had a great, productive Monday. We had a plan to hang out, but we weren't quite sure what to do. I really love crafting with my Mom. She makes it all look so easy, and we hadn't gotten to craft together in a while.

Mom has been pinning some of the cutest fall crafts, and this one was definitely a winner! We had some leftover burlap from wedding showers and other crafts, so we put it to good use!

We even had time to add to our Christmas collection! Check it!
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God is in control! He knows just what we need!

I am reading a devotional by the Osteen's! It is so powerful when I start my day off with The Lord! This passage certainly spoke to me about more than one area in my life. I am hoping someone else is blessed by it!


Before the foundation of the world, God laid out a plan for your life. He created you with a purpose, for a purpose, and He created you to be successful! He has marked moments already laid out that are going to come across your path. These moments are not ordinary. They are destiny-altering moments. They are designed to thrust you years ahead.

Ecclesiastes tells us that time and chance come together for every person. That means you will have opportunities to meet the right people, opportunities to advance in your career, and opportunities to fulfill your dreams. God has already prearranged for you times of increase, promotion and blessing.

Today, open your eyes of faith and see the good things God has in store for your future. Thank Him for what He’s doing and what He’s about to do. Thank Him for divine connections and marked moments because He is ready and willing to fulfill every dream and desire He’s placed within your heart!

Heavenly Father, thank You for marked moments and divine opportunities in my life. I trust that You are working behind the scenes no matter what the circumstances look like. I choose today to keep my heart and mind focused on Your goodness, knowing that You are a rewarder of those who diligently seek after You in Jesus’ name. Amen."

Ecclesiastes 9:11
I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time.

How perfect is His Word?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our 3 Year Celebration

We have been newlyweds for 3 years now! We knew we were going to do something to celebrate, but we weren't sure when. Ryan totally surprised me and took control of the planning! The past two anniversaries we have headed north and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway into the hills of TN, but this year he was ready for something new.

Buckhead is not far from where we live, and we rarely take advantage of this cool city! On Saturday afternoon we headed down. We started with a quick lunch at Cracker Barrel! HOLY COW! We started off right. The next time you are in you have to try their Wholesome Mornin' Sampler - yogurt, granola, scrambled egg whites, and turkey sausage! YUM! 

After our great meal, we headed to Ikea! Ryan hadn't even been and I had only been once or twice. It's an experience for sure! He loved it. I told him we'd probably need a cart, and he disagreed like we weren't going to buy anything! YEAH RIGHT! I ran back to the front to grab their big yellow bags and thank goodness I did. We picked up some great organizational tools, duvet, and some other odds and ends. He loved it, and he woke up this morning saying he could go back!  

{ Taking it all in! }

 {Finally checking out!}
{What a fun time so far!}
He planned for us to stay in Buckhead at the W! What an amazing property. You feel like you walk into a glamorous scene straight out of the movies as soon as you pull up. The whole atmosphere changes the way you feel. BEAUTIFUL and DETAILED for sure.



  Our room was called Fabulous, and that it was! How precious. I loved how everything had a unique touch. The wallpaper, the tv mounted in between two mirrors, the lighting. It was all very cool.

After getting freshened up for dinner, we headed to the rooftop for some good views! Whiskey Blue was 13 stories up and gave a great view of the city.

Ryan made reservations for us at Maggiano's. Neither of us had ever been there and absolutely loved it! I ate mushroom ravioli (LOVE) and Ryan had Lobster Carbonara. Our favorite part was the zucchini appetizer. It was delicous.


After dinner, we walked around. It was a bit breezy, but relaxing to walk around downtown. We stopped in a couple of places, but decided on Dante's. If you've never been...grab your sweetie and go. It was only my 2nd time, but Ryan hadn't been before. We decided to sit in the ship and listen to the live jazz, had dessert, and enjoyed each others company. This was probably my favorite part of the evening.  I am so in love with Ryan. He is my soul mate for sure. I love where we are right now in life. He planned a great evening.
 After listening to jazz, we went back up to the rooftop of the W, to enjoy some people watching, chatting, and celebrating. 
We called it a night and got some rest in before Sunday!

When we woke up (early - an hour before the alarm went off), we got ready to head to breakfast and church.

 {Ryan's "quit-taking-pictures-of-me" face}

We checked out, grabbed our car, and headed to breakfast at The Flying Biscuit. We weren't super impressed, but it was hard to be wowed when we had Maggiano's and Dante's the night before. All the while we were eating, we were praying we weren't being towed. We talked each other into parking in a 15 minute spot. I got a bit paranoid when we saw the security guard get up from his post and head towards our car around the corner. When we headed toward the car, thank God, he was just picking up breakfast!

Buckhead Church (a sister church of our very own Athens Church) was right near our hotel, so that's where we ended our anniversary celebration. We praised God for what He has done in our life. We are so very thankful to have one another. Happy Anniversary Dossinator! I love you! 

Another anniversary down, 100 more to go!
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