Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sesame Street: Water Conservation

I was talking about this video the other day while Ryan and I were brushing our teeth. It stuck with me from when I was little! Water conservation is super important to me, and I owe it all to Sesame Street!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dare to Dance

This weekend was awesome! On Friday, we enjoyed a homecoming game with my brother's beautiful (inside and out) girlfriend. Pictures from that will be coming soon. Then, on Saturday, we packed up and headed to see my friend since freshman year in high school. I am so proud of Callie! She is a news reported for NBC affiliate Channel 3 in Chattanooga! She is a great role model for girls and women! Check out this montage with Mrs. Callie Starnes:

On Saturday, she got all "gussied up", in her words, and let it all out on the dance floor for The Kidney Foundation in Chattanooga. It was a great party and raised a lot of money!

Check out this hottie! She owned the look for sure! My favorite part was her eyelashes!
Callie and other news anchors from different companies in the photo booth having fun!

We each got a program to find out a little bit more about each dancer. Callie and her partner kicked booty!

RAW: Callie Starnes' "Dare to Dance 2011" performance (FOLLOW THE LINK TO SEE HER DANCE)

My doughnut placed in 3rd overall and scored 48 out of 50 points! She should've gotten 50, but this one judge was from ALABAMA and liked to create drama!! It made for an exciting show.

Callie's great family. They are all so loving and take care of one another. Brian is a great addition to this clan!

Ryan and I loved our hotel. You never know what you are going to get when you book a hotel. I found out from my aunt that the Hilton hotels (all of the different branches) give you a deal if you are a government worker . . . one great perk of being a teacher. It seriously dropped the price by $30. I was amazed!
I am turning into "one of those" bloggers that stands in front of hotels . . . goodness. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn and couldn't say enough great things about it. I loved that it was modern-classic and super clean! The bed and pillows were like clouds!

On Sunday morning, we all met up at Food Works at the North Shore and loved our yummy meal. Our group was raving about the Chicken and Waffles, but we both opted for something different.
I got an omelet, fruit, and breakfast potatoes.
Ryan ate the country ham and potatoes. We tried to clean our plates, but it wasn't happening.
The whole group that came over to support Callie on her boogie weekend. We loved catching up with people we hadn't seen since B and C's wedding! We'd never really hung out with either couple and really enjoyed learning about them! Mr. Rhett made my day when he pulled out a $5 off coupon for Food Works! Thanks!!
Brian with his hot dancer!
Me and my love!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

So, I am a bit late, but I have enjoyed a busy week! Yesterday our school observed National Peace Day and it made me want to pin some quotes on what gives me peace and places where I experience peace.

If you are on Pinterest and haven't linked up before, head over to Michelle's fabulous site and linkup!


Source: via Van on Pinterest

Source: None via Van on Pinterest

I hope these are just what you need to hear. I know it helps me to calm all of the "wants" I have in this world. My mind can get focused on what's really important!

Have a great rest of the week! I can't wait until this weekend - lots of things happening!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lyla's Saturday Night!

On Saturday we were planning on going for a walk, and then I remembered . . . Lyla needs dog food! She is used to Nutro since she's been in her mommy's tummy, but the past month we haven't been to a store that carries it. Her coat is the prettiest and I don't believe that just because she is ours. I believe it because no matter where we go, she always get compliments! "Look how shiny she is!" "What a gorgeous coat!" "How do you keep her fur so pretty?" It's constant . . . her head is about to explode with compliments. We believe the reason for this is her food! Hey, you are what you eat! That applies to dogs as well!
We all hopped in the car and made the drive to PetSmart! We never thought we'd be the people who bring their dog into the store, but we are. It's one of the friendliest, most social stores that I know. Lyla enjoyed checking everything out!

Her sniffer was going crazy with all of the animal smells, but her tail never stopped. I was afraid she was going to clear a whole shelf off with that uncontrollable thing!
She really liked the birds. The birds liking Lyla . . . not so much! This little bird was her favorite. I kept waiting for it to talk to her.

So, we got her bag of food after letting her check out the cats and fish as well.

We are so thankful for the little things we enjoy with her.

Heart Walk 2011

This Saturday, we got up nice and early and made our way to the Heart Walk at Riverside Academy. Gabby met us and rode with us which made it that much more fun! It was a bit chilly (in the 50s), and we were all in shorts. I know, we should probably watch the weather. Once we started walking, we warmed up since we were speed walkers. One of the students from the academy sang the "Star Spangled Banner" to start the event off.

There were some serious walkers there. They were making sure they wouldn't get any cramps!

Who are these two? Zach and Ryan had to be sure they warmed up as well!
Gabby can't believe what she sees! She works with these guys?!?
Oh, and there are these people who get the title of Top Walker and get a green VIP bracelet. To earn this distinguished title, you must raise over $1,000. Our very own Dossinator worked hard at his firm and raised $1,101. He couldn't do it without the great team he works with, and Bates Carter must be proud!
They even called up all of the Top Walkers in the ceremony. Ryan was trying to get other people to walk up there. We decided he needed to be recognized for all of that hard work! I felt like a proud mama, as I was running through the crowd to snap a few pics!

Another surprise to me was the Jazzercise warm-up. I used to take Jazzercise, so I was aware of their neck warming up skills. Although, it was funny to watch our group (especially Zach and Ryan) look up and down and left and right!

Full participation! I think this should be required before these smart accountants begin their day. They all loved the back stretch. Ryan's back is constantly not feeling well, and we think it may be from having an office job and not moving around a lot. Jazzercise would help for sure and give a great laugh!


We definitely passed a lot of people and may or may not have been called cheaters. All in all it was for a great purpose and I really enjoyed celebrating all of the survivors. Since my Papa has survived a stroke it was an event close to my heart. We are all glad he is still here with us!
The Bates Carter clan representing at the Heart Walk!
I'm so happy that I got to spend this year's walk with him and enjoy the cool weather! It was a perfect Saturday morning!

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yummy In My Tummy

I have been blessed with a mom who can craft, cook, bake, sew, write . . . you name it, she does it!

Tonight I wasn't hungry, so instead of eating dinner. . . I baked! Mommy would be so proud of me. Somewhere along the way, I caught the domestic bug!

First, I ran out of granola yesterday and was in need because I love it in my yogurt. After my run,
I began making the granola while Ryno met with his online class.

I used this recipe HERE and added in craisins once it was cool! It's ready for my yogurt tomorrow!

While I was waiting on the granola, I remembered the huge zucchini I got from work. Someone was super generous! I mean, "look at the size of that thing" (said in a Sweet Home Alabama voice)! I couldn't let it go to waste!

I knew Mom added the zucchini muffin recipe when she made a cookbook of family recipes for me. It was a Christmas present the morning before I got engaged! Nannie has passed this one along to us now.

The kitchen still smells super yummy! I love the subtle taste of the zucchini in the muffin.

So, that was my Thursday evening once I got home from work, the grocery, and my run! I hope yours was fabulous!
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