Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You may not want to head over to the Doss residence anytime soon! We have been in a war . . . with pinkeye!This is DISGUSTING! The Dossinator has had it before at a younger age, but it's a first for me. He has it in not one but BOTH eyes. I can't stand to see him sick, and now I can't even touch him. I am afraid I will get it again, and I don't want that. I repeat: I don't want that.

I have apologized several times to him for shaking hands with my classroom kiddos every morning.

Hand-washing, clothes-washing, and Lysoling has been the keys to fighting this battle. We also are super blessed that Ryno's daddy is an optometrist and can get us the right drops for our precious eyeballs!

Steer clear of this nasty microbe: it's hard-core!

Source: etsy.com via Lydia on Pinterest

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  1. Working with toddlers and preschoolers, I have had pink eye more times than I can count... it doesn't matter how compulsive you are about hand washing, baby germs are ultra-powerful!

    I LOVE that sign in the last picture!


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