Sunday, May 23, 2010

UPDATE! The blog needs a little love!

Goodness - I haven't updated the blog in 2 . 5 months! Who does that?

Lots of things have been happening!
1. My photography business has been booming (love it! Thank you God!) Van Nus Photography
2. I am teaching 5th grade next year in the same school I was at my first 2 years I taught - same classroom - same wordwall - YAY!

3. Ryan is through with TAX SEASON as of April 15th and we are enjoying early dinners and walks, soon to be runs around 8 (bc that's when the GA heat is bearable)

4. Got fitted for my friend Danielle's wedding - I am her matron of honor!!! She will be the most beautiful bride. She is already so beautiful but she exudes femininity, so this is definitely her day (along with her future hubby Jon!).

5. Loved the Keys - got to fly down over Spring Break and see what everyone always talks about! It really is wonderful. I could have stayed for a month. Ash and I had a blast!

6. Halley Kathryn was born!!!!! :)

7. And...summer concerts have begun!

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