Thursday, September 26, 2013

Date Night

Dates are important to Ryan and I. They are normally simple, but the time we spend together is so important for our relationship. Well, it had been 5 weeks since we enjoyed more than 10 minutes of alone time. I don't regret that at all because we were focusing on Vann and parenthood. However, one thing that we have promised each other is we will remember that it's OUR LOVE + God's Miracle which brought Vann into the world, and he will know that his parents love one another.

Ryan looked at me one evening and asked, "when are we going on our first date night". So, I texted my parents and asked if they were available to hang out with Vann while we went out. Of course, they were super excited and immediately said yes. We were counting the days and then that bad? I assure you, it's not because we wanted to get away from our little man, but more that we wanted to focus on our relationship and keep it strong.

Red Lobster was Ryan's pick. I wasn't too keen on it, but he'd seen an ad for it and had been craving it for awhile. I agreed.
Mom and Dad arrived on Saturday evening. I went through what I could think of to tell Mom. I mean she raised me and did a great phenomenal job, so what could I even tell her. Dad was worried I was going to cry when I left him. I think I would have if it wasn't one of our parents or family members there. They've been around him since day one and know how we are with Vann, so I wasn't concerned at all. I left pumped milk in the fridge, directions on preparing the bottle, and texted Mom some things to try if he got fussy. I hugged everyone, told Vann we loved him, and got in the car.

It was so strange not having Vann with us. The base of his rattling carseat was a constant reminder that he was at home and we were on a real date. I popped in a CD that I had made back in 2004 when we started dating. It was an outrageously hysterical reminder of those carefree days.

We waited, waited, and did I mention waited to be seated. What in the world? Ryan brought to my attention there was some sort of special on all you can eat shrimp. Good grief. People had come out of the woodwork. We were finally seated and we ordered right away. Guess what our conversation was 80% about? Bet you'd never guess Vann! Good thing we got a cute picture and video text! Dinner was yummy, but I was looking forward to froyo at Menchies. We finished up at Red Lobster and headed over to the shopping center that the yogurt shop is in. Ryan agreed to walk through TJ Maxx Homegoods to make some room in our bellies. Menchies is one of the shops that allow you to fill up your own cup and put on your own toppings instead of telling someone what you want. I picked Cake Batter and Peanut Butter Cup. YUM! There was a table on the patio/sidewalk outside, so we picked a seat and enjoyed spending more time together.

When we walked through the door Mom was holding Vann and Dad was sitting on the couch. I hugged our sweet boy and thanked Mom and Dad. They enjoyed it and got to spend some uninterrupted time with their first grand baby.

I am so thankful for my family. Ryan is an amazing father and the best husband I could ever dream of. God has blessed us for sure and I can never repay Him with all He has given us. Our first date was a success. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

One Month

Our little man has been here for one month! 

He is beginning to look around, make little noises, respond by moving his head and eyes towards our voices, and plays on his mat. He gets mad when he pulls his own hair (guess that is the negative part about having those handsome locks)! We love listening to the album "Sing Over Me" at any time of the day! 

We are so happy he is here and blessed that he has been so healthy! 

Happy One Month Vann Man! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vann is Four Weeks Old

He is nearly a month old! Thursday is the big day and wow has it gone quick. Our little boy is showing us his personality a lot more this week.

Vann's 4 Weeks Old!
September 3 - September 9

What Vann's Up To: This week we focused a bit more on play time. He is really enjoying his Baby Einstein play mat. At first all he would do was look in the mirror, but he has taken an interest with the hanging toys. I will lay him in his crib on his back when we are swaddling him and let him lay there awhile. He kicks his legs all around like a little frog. Vann loves his toy that has a jingling sound, crinkly-wrapper sound, and has different textures. Since Thursday we've concluded that we have a different child. He is so much more alert and has smiled a lot more. We know the smile is not made on purpose, but goodness it blesses our hearts!

Mama and Vann took a couple of independent trips this week. We definitely used the Baby Bjorn carrier this time. The carrier worked out awesome, and he slept when we went into Target this time! On Saturday, Dossinator was in charge. I pumped a bottle and ran some errands with my mama. I would text to check in and Ryan would respond, "it's all good, quit worrying".  He even sent me a picture to prove it. Not that I was worried about my boys at all, but it was great to know that they were bonding even more. It felt awesome and a bit freeing to get out of the house, but I also left a lot of my heart at home.
We went to take the rest of our pictures with Brittany at Nine Sixteen Photography. We squeezed some family ones in, but just like before... Vann was not having it. I really believe his tummy was just full and hurting him. One of my awesome purchases the next day was Gripe Water! Miracle stuff! I love that it's made of Ginger and Fennel and it doesn't take much to solve the hiccups and bubbles! We have used it sparingly and are so pleased.

Vann went to Callie's baby shower with Mom and me. He did so well and got to meet all of the sweet ladies at the shower! Callie got some great things including lots of UGA onesies and gear. Brody, we are so ready to meet you!

{Miss Callie and Vann, Noel and Porter}

                                                            {Vann and Miss Shayla}

{Vann, Shiloh, and Porter}

{Miriam, Shiloh, Abbi, Porter, Me, and sleepy Vann}
{Callie is glowing and so precious in that dress!}

{Gran with Vann: This is one of my favorite pictures!}

Health: Vann is growing and getting sweet chubby rolls on his arms and legs. His face is filling out. We have heard a couple of coos. Be still my heart. That is the sweetest sound. He is making his way into his first Wonder Week and starting to look all around. I have seen him watching the fan from the reflection in the mirror above his changing table. It's so neat to be able to watch him change and grow. Every day brings something new.

Nursing: I love it. It's going so much better than the first week home! I started nursing him in the reclining position when he wakes for his nightly feeding. He has been waking once during the night anywhere from 2 - 4:30 (wide range I know), and this position has been awesome! He is still nursing every three hours.
Baby Stuff We LOVE: Bathtub, Pampers diapers (they seem to be a bit more absorbent than the Huggies), Swaddles (tried the Breathable Baby for the first time this week and LOVE it), Avent Soothie pacis, Rock N Play Sleeper, Boppy, and Gripe Water.
{Obviously that is NOT Vann, but that's the Breathable Baby Swaddle!}

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Vann is Three Weeks Old

Vann is THREE weeks old! 
August 27th - September 2nd

What Vann's Up To: He is growing like a weed. This week was the first one without Daddy home and just with Mommy full time. We miss him lots. lots. lots! Vann loves to eat anytime and all of the time. On Wednesday my mom, Vann's Gran, hung out with us. We got up and visited Daddy's office, then had lunch at Yonah Burger, and went to our doctor's appointment. For the most part, Vann is an excellent sleeper at night. He will go 4 hours for the first part, and then another 3 hours. I am getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Chopped up sleep is much different that solid sleep. I miss it.

Lyla loves to check in on Vann. When he makes little noises, her ears perk up and she will go over to where he is and try to give him kisses. It's so sweet.

Vann kept us awake on Saturday night after the UGA vs Clemson game. I guess he was upset about the loss like his daddy. We watched it at Ryan's parents. I fell asleep at halftime along with Vann. When we made it home, I nursed him and figured he was about to hit the sack...nope! He decided to stay awake until 3 am. We tried everything: riding in the car, swaddling, nursing, diaper changes, paci, rocking, etc...he wasn't having it. Finally, he stopped crying and looked around for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep.

Aiden got to meet Vann for the first time. He loved playing with Lyla and holding Vann. Another big moment was Vann meeting Hannah on Sunday! It was precious to watch my cousin love on him. He just chilled out in her arms and showed everyone what a sweet boy he is. Now, we are waiting for her to come back from college and see us again!

Monday was a shopping extravaganza. It was great to get out again. We hit up Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A, and Target with Gran. I can't say that Vann enjoyed it. Next time I will be bringing the Baby Bjorn since I carried him much of the day to soothe him.

Health: We visited the Dr. along with Gran on Wednesday. He had a glowing report. He weighs 8 lbs 10 oz (up a whole POUND from last week) and is now 21 inches. Everything looks great. Our next appointment is in a month.

This weekend he showed us what a great immune system nursing is equipping him with. I caught a HORRIBLE stomach bug on Thursday night and Ryan had it the following afternoon. Our moms came over and helped out by taking care of Vann and bringing us the stomach bug staples: chicken noodle soup, crackers, and Gingerale. I would wake up and nurse him and head back to bed. He didn't get the nasty germ and thank God. I would not even know what to do!

Nursing: We love it. It's our bonding time. He makes the funniest faces. One of his faces looks like a squinty pirate, another is his fish face where he shakes his head back and forth, and my favorite is his satisfied belly smile after a great big burp. I am starting to see more of a routine and can definitely tell when he's ready to eat. He nurses about every three hours, except for his growth spurt day on Tuesday. He was eating every two hours.
Baby Stuff We LOVE: Fisher Price Rock 'N' Play Sleeper, Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Lansinoh Lanolin, Pampers Swaddlers, baby gowns, Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Boppy pillow, Britax B-Agile stroller and B-Safe car seat, and Padalily Car Seat Padded Wrap.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vann is 2 Weeks Old!

Vann is two weeks old! 
August 20th - 26th
 I can't get over how much he's changed from birth until now. We had a busy week, but we are starting to settle in and get somewhat used to life's new routines.
What Vann's Up To:  This week was so nice having Daddy home with us still. We love that he took two weeks off. Vann has made himself right at home. He is sleeping in his Rock N Play right next to my side of the bed. As long as his arms are swaddled in while he is asleep, he stays asleep for the whole 3 hours before he wakes up to nurse. If his arms get loose, he flails them around and wakes himself up!
Emily and Andy came up from FL to visit on their way to NC. Emily made him a gorgeous blanket that is so perfect. Andy kept us entertained with all of his questions. Vann was completely spoiled. We had an amazing lunch that Em and Erin picked up from Sugar and Spice! Shout out to Kimberly for having the best restaurant; she can make chicken salad like nobody's business! Thanks for coming over Emily and Andy. We are PRAYING you move close asap!
Jessica came to see Vann as well! 
We took our first grocery trip with Gran this week. Daddy went golfing with Matthew, so we decided to run some errands. Thank heaven for Mom aka Gran because she pushed one buggy with the groceries while I pushed Vann in the other. I don't know how I will grocery shop alone while he is so little. There's not enough room for the car seat + groceries. Everyone in Publix would peak over the cart and check our little handsome man out. What's the first thing they would say? Oh my goodness, look at all that hair! Then, they would comment on how perfect he looks. I am one proud mama because not only is he easy on the eyes, but he is what makes my heart beat even stronger!

He also got half of his newborn session in. We were there for two hours, but Vann didn't want to cooperate after the first hour. He got hungry and didn't ever fall into a deep sleep. We will be back to get some family shots and a couple more prop shots. The previews Brittany from Nine Sixteen photography put up are amazing! I can't wait to see the rest and create our announcements! 

On the 26th, we celebrated Gran's birthday and had her over for a dinner at our house. She loved snuggling with Vann, and we all enjoyed eating the chocolate and peanut butter cake that Auntie E whipped up.
Health: We didn't go to the doctor anymore this week, but we have an appointment on Wednesday. We are praying for more good news. I am so thankful the jaundice is all cleared up. My little boy isn't rockin' his tan anymore, but he still has beautiful coloring. His hair is still intact (everyone is betting it's gonna fall out and come back blonde...not if he's like his Mama :) ). He is growing and changing everyday. It kills me when Ryan tells him he's growing up. I guess this is why so many parents say they wish they could make time stand still.
His little bellybutton fell off at the end of the week. Ryan noticed it was missing when he changed his diaper one morning. We checked in the pocket of his swaddle and there it was! We could now give him a real bath! Ryan kept asking me if I wanted to save it... No thank you. I mean, I love to save things, but I can do without that! I am pretty sure he didn't want to save it either, but he wanted to give me a hard time. Lyla would have thought it was a snack!
Nursing: This week has been so much better! We are getting into our routine. This week went pretty much like this: sleep, eat, change diapers (sometimes clothing if we had an accident), sleep, eat, change diapers, etc. We would work in his sponge bath nightly and wash all that hair! I have my little setup that consists of the boppy, bib, burp cloth, and something to read while I nurse. Sometimes I will read to him and sometimes I will read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by the La Leche League. This is another great book for the new mom. It really helps you understand the different phases, what your body is doing, and the how-to of nursing.

{Daddy feeding Vann for the first time. Now, if only I could pump enough for this to happen regularly!}

Baby Stuff We LOVE: Fisher Price Rock 'N' Play Sleeper, Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Lansinoh Lanolin, Pampers Swaddlers, baby gowns, Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Boppy pillow, Britax B-Agile stroller and B-Safe car seat, and Padalily Car Seat Padded Wrap.

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