Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen!

This day is a gift like no other! God gave his son that we may have eternal life and He arose from the grave to prove He is our Savior! Thank you Lord!

We celebrated by going to our 9 am service and listening to a wonderful message by Andy Stanley - How Nich and Jo saved Easter. It was a great back story on Easter!

Then, Ryan and I came home, and I made a salad and asparagus for our family lunch at Nannie and Papa's! I made a Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad from Publix Apron Meals Recipes! So yummy! My asparagus had kosher salt and a sun-dried tomato seasoning with a little olive oil drizzled on it. This Easter our recipes all seemed a bit more healthy and I loved having so much green on our plate!

Mom made great food as always! My favorite this year was the deviled eggs! Nannie is an amazing cook as well and did a phenomenal job with her Meringues that we topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries! Ryan said he needs the recipe...

We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. I hope each of you enjoyed this precious day and remembered our sweet Lord who gave it all for us even though we are so undeserving!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Who even knew that this much thought and effort goes into selecting your child's name? We wanted him to have a name that grew up with him. I can imagine what he will be like with this name. We both pray for a successful, caring, happy, and handsome young man. I know he will be nothing less.

I knew, without a doubt, what our girl name was! So, when we found out our little baby was a HE I asked Ryan what he thought. We went through our list again and then this NEW one popped up and we were sold! Ryan thought of it, and I love the family meaning behind it. We both loved how well the middle name fit with his first name. We have been calling him by his name for several weeks, and I love it more each time I see him.

So, here it is! Our sweet baby's name is . . . 

Van Nus is my maiden name, and Ryan and I wanted to have some meaning in his name for sure. Vann is perfect to us and the right fit for our handsome boy! 

I mean doesn't he just look like Vann Hudson?! His nose is precious for a little pretzel! He decided to show us his cool trick and touch his forehead to his feet! What a cutie! 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Halfway! Who can believe it?

Highlights: Week 20

How Far Along:
20 weeks + 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss:
10 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Some days I feel like I need an entire new wardrobe, and then I look online at maternity clothes and think again. Either the cute ones are outrageously expensive for the time you wear them or they look like you crawled out of a hole from the 1990s and need to wear your favorite slap bracelet with them. I am making do until this weather warms up. The Bella Band is my favorite purchase!

Sleep: Woo wee! I can tell it's getting a bit more difficult. When you have 2 of 4 options for positions to sleep your nights seem a bit more restless. (My thoughts as I sleep: ok, been on my left side for awhile, here we go right side...1 ... 2... 3.... FLIP!) Then my boy kicks getting himself comfortable.

Best Moment this week: I had several, but one that stands out is seeing all of my family on Daddy's side. We had Grandma Patty's memorial service on Saturday in the mountains. Ryan mentioned, as we sat in the church pew, "this is the loudest service I have been to!" I would have to agree. It was so full of laughter, memories, and new memories with our family. The preacher mentioned how happy it had made Grandma to know of the sex of Baby Doss...I even told her the name! Can't wait to reveal that after today's appointment!

      I also got to see Jase from Duck Dynasty on Sunday afternoon. I am pretty sure our baby boy is a fan of duck calls and hearing Jase speak. He was squirming all around and even got the hiccups! Jase did a fabulous job speaking on the design of our lives and the world around us that God made. About 15 people decided to follow cool is that!?

Food Cravings:
You know it! Pickles!

How’s Mama? Doing great! I have been a bit more emotional than in the past couple of weeks. Say a prayer for Ryan, as he gets most of it. He does super well with it, and I catch myself and apologize. Hormones are stinkin' crazy!

What I am looking forward to: Our 20 week appointment is today! It's been 5 weeks since we've seen our little man on the big screen, and I am more than ready! I am praying it goes well and he is healthy, happy, and moving for all of us!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 
*Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches. 
*He's got working taste buds.
*Now, he's gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day -- that's significantly more than before.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nineteen! Nearly halfway!

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Thank God for them. My shirts look like belly tops, my jeans are squeezing the life out of me...making them work, and my undershirts feel like a straight-jacket. Malorie was a God-send and shared hers from last year with me.
Sleep: Sleep has been much better. I ordered a Boppy Wedge off of last week.  It seriously felt like a boulder when I layed down on my side and my bump was pulling on my back. This thing will come in so handy for the rest of my pregnancy. I love that it was cheap. Now, if I can keep Ryan from stealing it... he's made a couple of comments that make me think he wants his own! :)

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular except Olive Garden salad and good Ryan made some burgers for us on the grill and we I vegged out on salad yesterday after church.

Food Aversions: I made it past my grilled chicken aversion! I ate Venetian Apricot Chicken at Olive Garden yesterday and it was super yummy! Buon appetito!

Favorite MOMENT: This week it had to be on Friday morning. I was laying in bed since it was a bittersweet furlough day. I felt Baby Doss start to kick, so I layed my hand over the spot. SURE ENOUGH, I could feel him bumping around! So, that night I let Ryan try. What a neat memory to have and share!! Love him and Ryan so much!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: He's a mango! 
  • Developing a protective coating over his skin, called vernix caseosa. It's greasy and white and you may see some of it at birth. INTERESTING!
  • Working on his five senses. Nerve cells for his sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in his brain.

Note for our son: Every time I feel you kick or swoosh around it reminds me of the miracle you are. We are so very excited to meet you, hold you, love on you, and raise you into the man God made you to be. When I see mama's with their sons a smile comes over me and I think of you! Have fun in there for 4.5 more months! Love you!

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Monday, March 11, 2013


How Far Along: 18 weeks

Maternity Clothes: 1/4 in the maternity clothes. They just feel better, and my other shirts feel like they could show midriff at any point! :)
Sleep: I have been getting to bed earlier, even though my schedule is a little off due to DST. I am excited about it though because it means tax season is over in nearly a month, and Ryan and I can start our walks in the evenings again! Falling asleep is not hard for me, but staying asleep is. I feel like I get up every 2 hours when my bladder feels close to exploding!

Food Cravings: This week it was a hamburger. I definitely didn't have it from the best place, but DANG! It was so good! Ryan is getting a little worried because of the weird foods I am wanting. It will literally be because I saw a commercial on the radio or ad for it...that never happened before pregnancy. The Publix ad did help me stock up on some super sweet strawberries! They are 3 for $5 and DELICIOUS! Tonight I mixed them in with granola, poppy seed dressing, and mixed greens!

Food Aversions: Ate another grilled chicken sandwich last week! I am going for a piece of grilled chicken this week...wish me luck!

Favorite MOMENT: I STINKIN' LOVE when my sweet son kicks me. Right now it feels like a finger poking me, and it is the best thing ever. I know they will get stronger, but I think I will love each love tap.
     Ryan and I made a trip to Home Depot and used a gift card we asked for at Christmas! No one knew we were expecting and our parents kept asking us what we wanted. One thing we knew was a fan for our boy's room. We picked out a good one, so now it just needs to be installed. We have time!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: A sweet potato!

  • He's yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing?
  • He's also twisting, rolling, punching and kicking, too!
Mom and I have been talking through nursery ideas. I bring home our choices and Ryan makes the final selection. This past week, I found some sheets and swatches for curtains. 22 mores weeks until we make it to our 40 week mark! We head back in 2 weeks for our 20 week. I can't wait to see our little man up close again. Time is flying by, and I am enjoying each moment!

Monday, March 4, 2013

How's it going?

Can't complain! Pregnancy has been awesome!!

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: around 8 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Some days yes, and some days no...weird isn't it!

Sleep: I want to sleep on my belly and it's not going to happen! Other than that...sleep is definitely here! I have never slept more! I went to bed at 9:30 last night and woke up at 5:50 am. Never in all of my days of teaching have I done that...I am a night owl usually! :)

Memorable Moment this week: We headed up to the mountains on Saturday to say our last goodbyes to Grandma. I loved it when my Uncle Carl let me know that every time a visitor came by to see Grandma Patty she showed them the ultrasound pictures of our sweet boy. He is her first great-grandchild. So precious!

Food Cravings: Nothing crazy. Still on the pickle kick. Last night Ryan looked in amazement at my dessert bowl. It was filled with 3 "concession-stand" sized pickles. yummy!

Food Aversions: Ate 2 more grilled chicken sandwiches this week. Life is good! Maybe I am in the clear! I have noticed I am a bit more sensitive to spices than I was pre-baby.

Favorite MOMENT: MORE KICKS! I love that I will just be sitting and feel him flutter. It makes me stop and thank God for him even more!
      We also bought a crib and set it up in his room! Now he has 4 outfits and a crib...we're set! haha! :)
Carrie, my hairstylist, made me feel like a glowing prego woman! Thanks to her for taking the time and going out of her way!! Love you! 
I have the privilege of working with my high school principal who has adopted me as her own! She came in and read to our class "Oh The Places You'll Go" on Friday in celebration of Read Across America Day. I was all teary eyed...full circle moment right there! 
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: An onion!
  • His rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone.
  • And he's growing some meat on those bones -- putting on some fat.
  • He's growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord, too.
In the midst of losing sweet Grandma, we are reminded of the circle of life. You are a precious gift that God has blessed us with! Thanks for all of the sweet comments, messages, and love that everyone has poured out to us.

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