Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heart Walk 2011

This Saturday, we got up nice and early and made our way to the Heart Walk at Riverside Academy. Gabby met us and rode with us which made it that much more fun! It was a bit chilly (in the 50s), and we were all in shorts. I know, we should probably watch the weather. Once we started walking, we warmed up since we were speed walkers. One of the students from the academy sang the "Star Spangled Banner" to start the event off.

There were some serious walkers there. They were making sure they wouldn't get any cramps!

Who are these two? Zach and Ryan had to be sure they warmed up as well!
Gabby can't believe what she sees! She works with these guys?!?
Oh, and there are these people who get the title of Top Walker and get a green VIP bracelet. To earn this distinguished title, you must raise over $1,000. Our very own Dossinator worked hard at his firm and raised $1,101. He couldn't do it without the great team he works with, and Bates Carter must be proud!
They even called up all of the Top Walkers in the ceremony. Ryan was trying to get other people to walk up there. We decided he needed to be recognized for all of that hard work! I felt like a proud mama, as I was running through the crowd to snap a few pics!

Another surprise to me was the Jazzercise warm-up. I used to take Jazzercise, so I was aware of their neck warming up skills. Although, it was funny to watch our group (especially Zach and Ryan) look up and down and left and right!

Full participation! I think this should be required before these smart accountants begin their day. They all loved the back stretch. Ryan's back is constantly not feeling well, and we think it may be from having an office job and not moving around a lot. Jazzercise would help for sure and give a great laugh!


We definitely passed a lot of people and may or may not have been called cheaters. All in all it was for a great purpose and I really enjoyed celebrating all of the survivors. Since my Papa has survived a stroke it was an event close to my heart. We are all glad he is still here with us!
The Bates Carter clan representing at the Heart Walk!
I'm so happy that I got to spend this year's walk with him and enjoy the cool weather! It was a perfect Saturday morning!

Have a great week!

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