Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 years ago

On this evening two years ago, I was surrounded by family and friends having our rehearsal and dinner. It was a great night with lots of smiles.

I am so thankful I married Ryan. God has blessed us more than we ever deserve. My most favorite times in life have been with Ryan in a simple setting enjoying each other and the laughs we share. We can sit together and not say anything, but then when we start talking again we say the very same thing. It still freaks us out. We have learned a lot about ourselves through one another and grown together as one unit. I am remembering the past, savoring the present, and excited about the future.

I found a couple of emails last week that I had saved. They were only from 4 years ago, but you can tell how much we have both matured and how much stronger our love is. I am so grateful for that. The song we danced to on our wedding night was the perfect one for our story. It keeps getting better and better.

I love you Ryan. Thank you for the years, memories, and love you have given me. I am beyond blessed having you in my life.

You are my whole life. You are my whole world. We'll look back and say . . . I thought I loved you then . . .

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