Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Danielle's Wedding Weekend

Danielle and Jon were hitched on Oct. 2nd! It was a gorgeous, classy ceremony and reception.

The weather on Saturday was to die for. It was a nice temperature with a small breeze. Have I ever mentioned in my next life I would love to be a weather lady?!! JK! I met Danielle at her house and we rode to the salon together. It was nice because it gave us time to talk! :)

At the salon they did our hair, air-brush makeup, and all of us had time for girl talk. I can't stress how wonderful Danielle's girls are. It was a blessing to connect with them. Once we were finished we were driven in a limo to the church where we took pictures! I snapped some too! The link is below.

Then, before we knew it the ceremony was about to begin. At the very last minute Ryan sent Danielle's cousin in with the hankie I ordered a while back! It hadn't arrived before I left that morning, so I wasn't sure if she'd get it or not! I had her monogram and wedding date stitched in blue, so she could have it during the wedding...her SOMETHING BLUE! There were other sweet touches that made the day special to her.

The ceremony was beautiful and special. I loved the prayer time the entire congregation had for them. It was powerful. Danielle and Jon smiled the whole time...just precious.

The reception was out of a fairy tale...again check out the pics! I love pink and that's what was all around. Even our dresses were HOT PINK! Right up my alley. I gave my speech...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8RBBNQtspU&videos=G31AvEUBsdo&feature=BF, Chels, and the Best Man gave theirs and we danced!!! We also got to enjoy the PHOTO BOOTH! It was too much fun with all of the props they provided. My mom got in with me and Erin and we laughed and posed!

Then, they ran down a path of giant sparklers and were off to the Bahamas! I know they will be blessed!

Love you both and congrats!

For now check out the pics...Danielle's Wedding!

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