Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Week!!

I love to stay busy...I think! This week made me second guess it just a bit, but it was still enjoyable! Mondays are always a bit more busy than what they used to be since we meet with our small group from Athens Church. It's amazing what God can do if you give him some effort and attention. We are feeling very blessed! It's great to meet 6 other couples who are in the same part of life and support each other.

Tuesday I had a bit of a headache, so I missed class. For those of you who don't know I am in my L-6 Specialists Program for Leadership in School Admin. I can't wait to finish, but it's another great group of people that look out for each other...told you I am blessed! Ryan's been working a little bit later because tax season is right around the corner. The house had to be straightened up since guests would be over on Wednesday for a gorgeous jewelry party.

Wednesday was a great day at work, like always, and then home to make the pumpkin bread for the party. My mom has the best recipe for pumpkin bread! I think it was a hit. The girls all came around 7 and we had some social time and laughs and then Kim arrived from Premier Jewelry. Kim and I have been friends for almost 8 years. Time flies!!! She called me about a month ago and asked her if I would have a party for her to show the jewelry and I said of course. She is doing this on top of being a mother baby nurse. She loves to stay busy as well. Thanks to all of the ladies who came out mid-week to hang out! :)

Thursday .... so busy! I was a bit tired from the excitement the evening before, so I wasn't sure how happy I'd be. BUT, did you know coffee helps me out a lot!!! I brewed some Starbucks coffee on strong and left with a full cup! I was good to go. After school we had a meeting for a field trip our classes will be going on. It's a big deal since it's an overnight trip. The parents and kids are super excited about it. I hope Pam gets excited too! Last time we went a mouse (sounds better that a rat) got into my bag and she hasn't wanted to go back yet! After the meeting we had Health Night in the gym! It was the most exciting PTO ever. Our school is on a huge health kick which is here to stay. During the school day - everyday - we get a healthy snack (some fruit or veggie). Now, we also have a new Health M Powers curriculum that makes us get up and move during the day. It's neat to see EVERYONE so excited about making their lives healthy. :) I finally made it home and Ryan had a little bit of pizza (natural) waiting for me. I love him!

Friday - the most adventurous day yet! Little Lyla came to school with me! We are studying genetics and specifically about learned behaviors and inherited traits. It was a lot of fun and she was on her best behavior. The part that stressed me out the most was worrying about her AND all of my students. At the end of the day she showed off her tricks she has LEARNED so far, Zander the police dog came, and Pam's Shelty Buffy! It truly was the day of the dogs. I ended the day with a movie with a close friend, dinner, and lots of laughs!

Saturday finally arrived! I have been looking forward to this day! I went to my fantastic hairdresser who let me relax and we talked the morning away. She is great and knows just what to do - great hairdressers are like this and I have had many in my life! :) Then, football, football, football...even though GA wasn't on TV it was a great night!

Sunday is here and I am about to grocery shop, hit up Mal's bday paint party, and then go to a corn maze with my hubby! Pics from the week should be posted soon!

I hope you have a great week and THANK GOD for all he has done!

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  1. I'm so glad you're back into blogging....I REALLY like being updated & knowing what's going on in your life! I just LOVE you! So glad you found small groups...sad I missed jewelry party, & jealous I didn' get pumpkin bread! :) P.S. We are going to Melting Pot next weekend, perhaps Sat ( going ot use the coupon they e-mailed us. Think about it! Muah!


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