Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home...We are looking forward to making you our own.

So...we got a phone call. Well, actually I missed it, but Ryan did.

On Thursday afternoon our wonderful realtor called Ryan and let him know that our offer was accepted. Then, after that exciting news Ryan texted me, "guess what?". I said "What!", hoping and praying it was what I though it was. He responded in spanish - we text in espaƱol, so I had to translate quickly that ... OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED! I texted him back a couple of times after tears came to my eyes.

I quickly ran out of my office and hugged the first person I saw - Kim - our school's counselor! I think I scared her a bit, but she was soon excited when I explained the random hug!

What a great day it was! After I got that call I left school and got to see Taylor Swift with Mom and Erin! Thank you God, we can't wait to make this house a home!

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