Monday, May 23, 2011

Lyla Celebrates Summer!

Woo, where have I been? Lots of new things that I can't wait to write about going on recently!

Yesterday, after a girl's movie trip (much needed), we stopped in WalMart and got a pink pool...for Lyla!

I think she's in love. I am a bit jealous that I will be going to work while she has a pool party!

Here are some shots of her enjoying the dog days of summer.

Spraying Ry with the SHAKE!

I can't tell if she's excited with that mid-air jump!


  1. Lol - that's too funny, and a good idea! We'll have to do that for our pup when we get a place of our own.

  2. You need to bring her over to swim. Lady gets in the pool at least twice a day during the summer!


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