Monday, November 28, 2011


This is us. I can't wait to put up our funny ones, but for now a preview of our favorite serious ones!
We love. Always.
He is mine. I am his. She is our Lyla.
Pics are my favorite. Not his, but he lets me have fun with them for about 10 mins. Then, it's done!
God is our everything. He has blessed us with so much.
Lyla is serious. fun. loving. bouncy. happiness. adventure.

What picture should we use for our Christmas card? (I may have already ordered them, but let's see if you guess right!)


  1. SOOOOOO good!! I wanna see the funny ones! :) Lyla was a good girl for the pictures.

  2. These pictures are all soooo gorgeous! I can't pick just one but I'm excited to see what you ended up going with. You look so happy :)

  3. They are all gorgeous and you look just beautiful! I vote for the bottom one where y'all are sitting down.


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