Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An early Thanksgiving with the family!

On Sunday night, we had our annual Thanksgiving. This year we are all a bit split because of everyone having a husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. It's nice not having to squeeze your belly full of 2 outrageously large meals in less than 24 hours!

Mom is an amazing hostess and the pictures prove it!

{Pumpkin roll from}

1 comment:

  1. Can Jon & I come to this next year?? :) (Haha, is it rude to invite yourself?)

    It all looks DELISH & I'm sure y'all had a BLAST. I love that pic of your him. And you're right, your mom is a great hostess! She taught you well, for sure.

    Any pumpkin rolls leftover for me to try?

    P.S. Your bro & sis make some good lookin' couples with their gf/bf!

    Love you and Ryno to pieces!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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