Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

So, Ryan signed us up to serve at church on the video and production team. We were asked by our friend, Adam, who we've known a little over two years. He gets the privilege of working at Athens Church. We were at a point that we wanted to serve, but just not sure where. I had tried out Waumba (our sweet 4 and under program) and got spit up drenched in projectile vomit from a sweet baby. I had been asked to serve in multiple areas, so when Ryan said he wanted to serve on Video and Production, I couldn't say no.

We all know I like to take photographs for others. One huge thing about my comfort is that I have time to look at the images produced and enhance those that have a story. Well, guess what... totally different when I am videoing. What you see is what you get! Talk about pressure.

God has given me some encouragement through it all and He is using my uncomfortableness to better myself and Him. I really love serving with Ryan and that's been the neatest part.

I have had to struggle through some of the process of giving time here. For one, we woke up at 5 am to be at church at 630. I like to believe that I am a morning person, but waking up early + a case of nerves doesn't make me the most chipper!

I get so nervous that something bad is going to happen, like me flipping off of the drum stand while I am standing in the funkiest angle and formation to grab a shot.

While I was up there during practice, I must have been holding my mouth open in the weirdest way because about halfway through I couldn't close it. It's like the muscle in my cheek got stuck - I am a freak.

I sweat like no other because of how worked up I get. I also pulled a muscle from my thumb to my shoulder! Who does that? I guess I do. The girl dressed in a "com" system with a headphone set/microphone, huge intercom system hooked on my jeans, a huge bundle of chords hanging from my belt loop, and a camera the size of a suitcase in my hands is a sight to see.

AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE, I loved it! I loved being with the music (my favorite part of our church service and where I worship the most) and meeting our awesome musicians. I loved praying with our team and our wonderful lead pastor. I enjoyed blasting out lyrics because no one could hear me while our drummer was rocking!

Here is a video of what was captured and produced on Sunday am! I am the camera on the drums. Ryan is one of the still ones that recorded the singers!

Ever been in a situation that made you so nervous, yet you still loved it? 

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  1. So proud of you guys! You did a fabulous job! :)

  2. 6:30 a.m.! And we can't even get there for the 9:00 service! Awesome that you guys are serving and I loved the song and the video shots! Those two were beautiful singers (and just plain beautiful, too)!


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