Friday, June 8, 2012


It's true! I love my hairstylist! She is the sweetest and most talented lady! I look forward to getting my hair done with her every time! I trust her completely with my hair which is something a lot of my friends can't say about their stylist! 

Today, even though I am headed to the pool, she wanted to curl it for me! Really, YOU are amazing Carrie! 

She did a trim today and retouched my highlights! It looks shorter because of the curls, but it's getting LONG! I LOVE IT!

Find the White House Salon and Spa on Facebook HERE

Thanks Carrie! Love you!

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  1. You are beyond gorgeous my seester!!! You look better and more beautiful than ever, if that's possible!!! If you weren't the sweetest person I know I'd be jealous of you and hate you, but you make that impossible!

    Carrie is precious too and she really does do a great job! I love the White House girls....they rock!!!


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