Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Sew! Studio

So, I don't know if any of you check out all of the amazing craft blogs out there, but when I started looking tons involved sewing. My mom has sewn clothes, curtains, bags, you name it since I can remember. We used to have matching mommy-daughter clothing. I have only sewn things with her complete supervision except for 4 Flintstones costumes in college! I know I am surprised too!

When she came to me with the idea to do a sewing class much like the popular painting classes that are being offered I became one of her biggest fans. I created the site, helped promote it, and designed her logo. I am praying that it becomes big. This is her talent teaching + sewing and they = something awesome! Sewing is a pastime we tend to forget about because we can so easily go out to a store and buy what we need in the time it would take us to make it, but where is the fun in that. Where is the unique quality of your clothes when 5 other people have on the same thing at a party. All of the dresses with the ruffles that are so in right now can be sewn by you and be completely different because no one will have your fabric!

Mom opened the doors to her in-home business 3 weeks ago and has had 3 classes. One class was learning to sew pillows. That now live in my guest room. I love the detail of the ruffle up the side.
Then, on Saturday we made shirts to send to the children in Japan! How exciting that we can do something so little to cloth the sweet babies that lost tons in the tsunami/earthquake. God bless them.{Sis and I with our shirts for girls in Japan}

Last night we made our own pajamas! We got to applique on the shirt and sew little boxer shorts. I totally slept in mine yesterday! They were comfy, and I looked cute!

If you are in GA come check out our site and visit us! I pray Mom blesses others with her talent of teaching and sewing just like she has blessed me! I also hope that if it's God's will her business booms!

Happy Sewing and enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Your mom rocks!! I can't wait till I can Saturdays are pretty booked for awhile, but I'm hoping I can come for the apron one! :) Love you. GO MRS. MARY!!!!

  2. hey! thanks so much for the sweet message you left on my blog!
    I know this is something that will be with me forever, but I think it'll be he happy memories : )



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