Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day of School + Kenny Chesney = MARVELOUS!

Friday, May 20th was an awesome day! I said goodbye to my sweet 5th graders as they embark on to 6th grade! I am so proud of them and the hard work they put forth! A couple of the girls decorated my tiny white board! I only wish them good things in their future!

Then, a group of us headed to Atlanta to watch Kenny Chesney! Steph and I saw some of our Phabulous Phi Mu sisters from college!
{Steph, Kim, Me, Kati, and Abby}

{Ryan waiting}
Funny story - we left the tickets in the room after taking a taxi from the hotel to the ampitheater. A couple of the guys went back, while some saved seats, and we waited in the parking lot! A gum company came around and handed out samples of gum. One of the sample - giver - outers dropped a box full and accidentally gave us a view of his crack. SAY NO TO CRACK! Gross!

{Steph and I waiting with William is showing how much fun he's having!}

{Me + Steph}
Ryan and I are a little blurry in this pic! We had a ton of fun singing with our good friend Kenny!

Here's our favorite song by him right now! Enjoy!

and if you aren't a Kenny fan...


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  1. I've heard Tyler Ward on youtube several times! He's awesome!

    Happy Summer!


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