Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prayers Needed!

Hey ladies (and possibly guys),

My sis has been admitted to the hospital because of severe pain and throwing up. The doctors believe it is appendicitis, and she is awaiting scan results. Please pray for her, the doctors, and nurses that are taking care of her. She is a little over an hour away, so if she does need surgery we are headed up. Thanks so much for the prayers.



UPDATE: ERIN has been discharged from the hospital after getting several bags of fluids, a liquid meal, ct scan, and xrays. The doctor is not sure what is wrong, so she will be seeing a GI Specialist. Thank you for your prayers and PRAISE GOD!


  1. She has been discharged from the hospital. They are unsure what has happened, so she will have a GI Specialist run tests to figure it out. THANK YOU for your prayers!

  2. Will continue to pray - so glad she's doing well.


  3. continuing to keep her and your fam in my glad she's okay but never like when they can't tell you WHAT is wrong!!!!

  4. keep checking back to see if there are any updates!!!!

  5. Thanks girls! She went to the doctor today and they are checking her gall bladder and some other things. We should know soon! :)


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