Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our New Home

Nope, we didn't move, but our church NOW has a permanent address. We were using the Athens Classic Center for worship, but now it's even better. The building is the old WalMart/Steve & Barry's on Atlanta Hwy in Athens. It has had an EXTREME MAKEOVER if you will. Today was our first service on the campus, and it was an awesome experience that had God all over it. Check out the pictures, and PLEASE if you are nearby come and may just like it! I got to be a part of the Production Team, and wear a cool shirt that said so! Check out the next couple few pictures and take a look for yourself!

This is in UpStreet which houses elementary age sweeties! The above picture is made to look like the GA Theater and is where large group meets!

This cool kayak is also in Upstreet! The creativity of the interior decorator blows my mind!
Downtown street scene!
MY FAVORITE VERSE! Mom shared this with me while I was in college and it has gotten me through a lot!
Adult worship in the auditorium. BEAUTIFUL!
Kristen and I. Told you I got to wear a cool shirt! Soon I will be in the UpStreet one! :)
Mom and Dad making it for the service!
Erin and Abby excited for the service!
Ryan standing by a fridge he helped spray to "fit in" with the cool youth area!
Youth Worship - Transit! What it's alllllll about! Starting a journey with the Creator!

Last, but not least...the Dawgs that are all over Athens now have an additional pup in front of our church!

Can you tell we are super excited about our new place of worship?!? It feels so good to have a place like Athens Church to attend and worship with tons of people who smile and love our LORD!

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