Friday, July 1, 2011

Dia 4! Oooh, Mexico It sounds so sweet with the sun sinkin' low! The moon's so bright likes to light up the night!

Oh Mexico! We miss you!

{skip ahead a minute or so and sing along}

For those of you wondering if those sunrise watching plans came to fruition...NO! I got my wakeup call from the front desk, said thank you, and I laid in bed trying to call Danielle and wake her up! 3 minutes later I called and we agreed maybe tomorrow! HAHA! Ryan didn't mind. He caught a Mexican tummy bug the night before and enjoyed the extra rest.
Bless his wittle heawt!

This day in Mexico began like any other: wake up call to our traveling buddies, meet up for breakfast, and let the Mexican sun tan our skin! After our breakfast, did I mention pancakes, fruit, and peanut butter landed on my plate every morning, we noticed from the dining room that it was pouring. I ran outside and got our belongings and we sat for almost an hour in the lobby watching it rain. The picture below is one of my favorite. Rain is one of my favorite things. I know, how depressing, but it reminds me of so much.

{Dossinator still didn't feel his best, but he kept taking the meds from the resort store and hung with the best of us}

What a lazy morning. I was dying at first, but got used to it and gave into relaxation. After a bit we were able to head back out to the pool. We got floats after keeping our eyes out. We saw our energetic activity hosts and enjoyed "yokes" with them. We also enjoyed resting for a bit on the beach. There is nothing like the beach sounds and smells. FABULOUS!

That night we had big plans for the Japanese restaurant. It did not disappoint. We met outside of our rooms and walked to lunch.

{You may remember this dress from our Happy Tuesday night of crafty fun. It looked a bit "maternity-ish" from the side, so when I recently wore it I added a light tan belt with it and LOVED it even more.}

{Check out these hotties - we met them there! haha!}

{me and the hot hub - I love his smile}

{Little Jose didn't know how to zoom in with the DSLR, so I had to crop which ruins the quality! US 4}

{Super excited about the Japanese food coming our way}

{Told you we have a picture of this hallway every night - words can't explain}

{Who knew he was this excited to take a pic!}

{Love this one}

{Beautiful seester relaxing in the open air lobby while listening to the band.}

{the lobby: people-watching heaven}

{the life}
We were so sad that we had one more full day left, but it may have just been our very favorite!

Love, D

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