Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our last full day in Mexico!

This was by far our favorite day!
We woke up when we wanted to and got dressed for the pool. We ate our yummy breakfast together. I had now eaten a waffle with peanut butter, omelet, and fruit three days in a row! The pb was sooo good because it was a bit melted so it was perfect!

Then, we found our spot at the pool chairs and made our way to scope out our rafts. We were pros at taking rafts now. We would innocently ask, "How did you all get those rafts". Knowing good and well there were only about 15 that the resort provided and they hand them out first-come, first-serve. The people would feel a bit sorry for us and say, "you can have this one". Man, we were smooth. This saved Ryan or Jon a trip from swimming full speed under water to snatch one when innocent swimmers walked away from their float.

Water aerobics were in full session again today, so my seester and I took part! We were by now known as Barbie and Barbie. "Hey Barbies", is how we were greeted by the friendly staff! After our jammin' aerobics session, we played a bit of volleyball. Danielle was a bit flustered by the lack of athletic ability due to some inebriated men. The boys held on to our floats and got distracted by another fashion show. Thank goodness the "camera man" wasn't out there again.

Later on in the afternoon there was a trivia contest. Danielle and I scored some points naming songs, but couldn't beat one guy who must do nothing but listen to music! He definitely deserved the free pass to Coco Bongo!
After turning into raisins in the pool we went down and enjoyed some beach time! The boys really wanted to swim, so we watched and took pics! Then, got some of us as well!

{Wow boys!}
{This picture gives me butterflies...I love him!}
{Danielle is beautiful}
{Ready to snap a few pictures as soon as the camera defogs!}
{We just love them!}
{Having fun in Mexico!}

{Smiles are what it's all about!}

{Our bodyguards for the evening!}

We had great convo (as always) at dinner and gave toasts. During Danielle's toast about topping our Cottage vacay, Jon speaks up and asks "Who's Dan" in reference to my dad's comment. We died laughing. Daddy told us when we got back from the Cottage in November that we probably wouldn't ever have a vacation like that with each other again. Thank goodness he was not correct. We had a blast!
{I'm disturbed by this picture! This face was a mix of fear that we were some of the last ones in the restaurant and shock because the hat was very heavy!}
{We look like we are both babies in these pictures! I am bummed we didn't snap Danielle and Jon's pic with their legit sombrero on!}
{Doesn't the background look fake? Gorgeous night!}

After dinner we walked around the lobby of the resort where they had local craftsmen out to sell jewelry, clothes, and local art. They were all talented, but we really enjoyed watching a man spray paint gorgeous scenes to sell. It was a bit unbelievable!

{Perfect ending to a perfect day!}

PS - Ryan surprised Jon with a BFF gift that we dropped off at their room later in the evening! Too funny!

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