Friday, February 18, 2011

God is still God, and God is still Good.

Life. What do you call life? Is it all happiness, laughter, simplicity and fun? No, there are bad things that happen to good people. Some ask, "how can God allow this to happen". I was one of these people.

As I typed in LoVe, my life took a dark turn in 2002.

It still feels unreal to me that it was my life and is my life. God has BIGGER plans than us. We are his tools to share the Eternal Life he gives us.

Two weeks ago I received an email from a sweet friend. Ginger emailed a link of a friends testimony. I was thinking I knew whose it may have been, but I didn't know for sure. "Life" has been busy...that's not a good excuse from the girl who doesn't say no to commitments. I waited until this evening to watch it. I had plans this evening to head shopping with my sister and mom this evening, but Lyla gave me a scare and I am home watching her. I was going through my emails when I saw Ginger's pop up again.

I clicked on it and watched the video. I am telling you not 5 minutes in I couldn't stop watching it. POWERFUL...God is so good. I skipped ahead to the testimonies (25 minute mark) - the Pastor gives a recap about their last sermon. Then, he lets two people share their testimonies. Please be ready for God to touch your heart and let us see through his lens. He is in charge of such a bigger picture for the universe. Listen to what Erik says at 46 minutes - it will forever stay with me. "He paints on a canvas the size of the universe."

Watch the entire sermon here. Watch Erik and Matthew's testimony here. Watch Mandy's testimony here.

So, while I was supposed to be spending time with the women of
my family, instead I spent it with God. God is still God, and God is still Good.

Enjoy your weekend and allow God to use us for His bigger picture.

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