Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are you running?

Are you running? This is the topic of our church's message for the next two weeks. Two days ago we scratched the surface on what it meant to run from God. We talked about why people run from God. Think about that...God is everywhere, can we honestly run? The bible tells us God has a "steadfast" love which means He will wait for you until you come back. How awesome is He?!

One thing about Andy's message on Jonah was the issue of trust. Trust ... Trust ... Trust. This week has already been about trust. I want to fully rely on God and trust Him who made me. He is my father and takes care of me in everything. Why do I think I can do it alone? I am inadequate compared to our Creator.

Another word I have been seeing (2 times today and twice yesterday) is omnipotent...to have unlimited power. My God is OMNIPOTENT. There's nothing our God can't do.

Just food for thought. Happy day after Valentine's.

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