Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What Am I Loving?

My hubby and I are looking forward to our marriage conference this weekend! I love it that we feel it's necessary to work on our marriage. Check out One Marriage! Thanks to Danielle & Chels for including me and Doss in their couples group! What a great group.

I love my daddy and always sharing laughs with him! This is our father-daughter dance over a year ago at the Doss wedding! Talk about a memory I will never forget!

I love Danielle's cute hair! Check her new "do" out! I have been waiting for her to do this. :)

I love how stinkin' cute Ash and Drew are together! Check out their preview pics here!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...I stinkin' love my Mom's new adventure! She just opened her sewing boutique. It is called Just Sew! Studio. The class is offered on March 25th and 26th! It is $40 and you will get all of the materials and tools to use to make your very own project. What a great idea to spend time with your girl friends and learn to sew something for your home!


  1. Your dance with your dad was the best! I checked out Danielle's hair and I love it, too!

  2. Thanks girl! I love Baby A's pics! What are we going to call him...he's not a baby anymore! :)

  3. I kinda took your idea! :)


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