Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mountain Day

Yesterday was a fun day for sure! I woke up early and headed to Hobby Lobby - a favorite store of the ladies in our family! Mom, Erin (sis), Abby (friend), and I all packed in the car full of ideas. We got to the store and ideas go even crazier. Erin and Abby are in sororities at North GA and both have gotten little sisters. It is tradition to give the little sis baskets full of gifts for a week. Erin and Abby are making all kinds of sweet gifts! I will be posting them soon. You know I couldn't walk out of there without something. Mom told me about using crafts for her new mantel theme. I have done Fall, Christmas, and Vday, so I must think of a Spring/Easter theme. Mom was thinking crosses, so I jumped on board. Their crosses were on sale. I will post pics soon! I also bought a picnic basket for the engagement shoot I had scheduled that afternoon.

Then, I came home to hang out with Lyla for a bit! I made sure my camera was ready to go, packed up the picnic basket, and headed towards Ryan's work to get him!

My fun shoot was with good friends Ash and Drew. Ryan is in their wedding and Ashley and I know each other from High School. It's so neat to see such a sweet couple ready to enjoy the rest of their lives together. We all met at Ryan's job and headed toward Dahlonega; it's a place that is near and dear to my heart. I seem to forget it's beauty until I drive through again.

Our first stop was Wolf Mountain Vineyard. Gorgeous views were all around us. What a sweet staff they have. We asked to go into the cellar (a bit chilly), and we felt special to be allowed to take pictures in there. Next we were off to a scenic point. I thought it was only five minutes away, but that turned into 15 minutes. I think it was worth it. It was where we set up our picnic scene. God's beauty was certainly all around us.

Then, Drew and Ashley took us out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The grilled shrimp are yummy!

Enjoy the preview!

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