Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is happening here?

I love that question! It reminds me of my sister learning how to sew. Her panicked voice squeaked, "what is happening here" when the sewing machine rapidly slid her fabric under the needle and left a crazy stitch! That's what my life feels like!


Goodness, I am loving the new school year. I feel like teaching has finally clicked. There's definitely a method. I feel confident and it helps to have some of the most supporting admins that let you teach! What a beautiful thing! My class is fabulous, and I enjoy hearing their in-depth conversations about cells, factors, and the Civil War. Today, we enjoyed a SURPRISE from our assistant principal and principal dresses in crazy attire. The kids took the minute of surprise and are working on stretching the story to show tons of details!

I am starting my last semester of college! I will graduate with my EDS in Leadership in December. Woo hoo! Third college degree DONE! I love that people around me have supported this adventure!

Our small group has started reading "The Life You've Always Wanted". I am really learning a lot from the book. The last chapter was speaking . . . SCREAMING right towards me! I hear you, God! I love how it tells us to get more rest. I need it!

My sister graduated with her nursing degree and is working as a school nurse! She is loving every minute! She will be going to evening or online classes to get another degree in nursing! I am so very proud of you, Erin! She is also selling Thirty One! If you want to host a party let me know, and I can get her info to you. They have great perks for hostesses! I love you sis, and I am so proud of you!

There are lots of things to love in my life and these are only some. I do love that my husband came home last night and said something I will always remember. "Dana, sometimes the only joy in my life is coming home", and my heart broke and exploded with love when he said that. I love him completely!

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