Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday!

Day 3 of the Teacher Week 2011 Blog Hop! Here's what our home away from home looks like! I love it! Last year I had some cool lanterns hanging from the ceiling, but that's against fire code! Who knew, surely not me! This year it's a bit simplified, but it works well! Enjoy!



  1. I love your curtains - so cute! Bummer about the lanterns :(

  2. When I was teaching for L.A. city schools, my classroom looked like a prison. We had bars and weren't allowed to do too much in our classroom. I did have amazing bulletin boards but we had to follow special rules. What grade do you teach? I taught 2nd grade for a little over a year and did subbing when my daughter was in school.

  3. It looks awesome!! Love your lamp behind the kidney table. Makes that whole space look so homey!


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