Monday, March 21, 2011


Our group minus 2 couples.
the men
the ladies

This weekend we traveled to the North Georgia Mountains

This is how it all started...part of the ladies car!

and stayed here...

at Warren's Ridge in Mineral Bluff, GA. On the way up I made the comment that we were so high up the mountain I could touch the moon. Little did I know this weekend the Earth was the closest to the Moon than it was in 18 years! Guess you can say I am very observant!

On Friday night we stopped for dinner, made ourselves at home in the cabin, and had an adventure getting groceries at Ingles. There is no such thing as a 24-hour grocery that we found in Mineral Bluff. When we arrived at the cabin at 10:30 that night without one bite of food, well unless you count Scott's Mike and Ike's candy! I don't think he wanted to share. At 10:40 we realized this minor detail and 4 girls ran to the grocery. Well, sped, fast, in a car, around the mountain.

This pic below is prior to Ingles on our way up asking the salesclerk directions to the closest WalMart...20 minutes away, but our cabin was still a nice ride away. The boys thought we could head out grocery shopping EARLY in the am...not these ladies!
At 11:03 pm (they closed at 11 pm) we ran into Ingle's through an exit door and didn't make eye contact with the sales people. We felt so bad, but swore we would be as fast as an episode of Super Market Sweep! Anybody a fan of that game show? We could have won the game with all of the groceries we bought in 10 minutes! We all caught our second wind after that!

Some things I want to remember from that trip:
*Kristen passing out our grocery list on mini pieces of paper
*Me losing the grocery list as the custodian came by and swept it up
*When I asked if he swept it up/had seen it...he couldn't speak english
*3 of us didn't get a buggy, so we would find Kristen and dump our items in with hers.
*Checking out and the clerk was clearly ticked, but we kept saying THANK YOU! Too bad she didn't reply with "My Pleasure" as they would at Chick-Fil-A!
*The bag boy letting us out the locked door and me asking, "So do you see people do this often" and his reply, "Not people like you" - I can't remember the exact line, but funny none the less!

We arrived back at the cabin and played The Game of Things and went to bed!

On Saturday am we woke up (Ryan and I were one of the first couples to wake up - we are OLD) and ate a yummy breakfast! Ryan and I ran to the Rebel Pantry where Ryan asked are you really a Golden Pantry. The salesclerk looked ticked and offended and responded with a confident NO. Wonder if she'd heard of a Golden Pantry? Then, when we got back a group of us headed out for a walk. Little did some of know it was really a fun hike with a pond full of fish!

Don't let him fool you - he wasn't the cook, but he did become the grill-master later that night!

(I wish I had a picture of Ryan's entire outfit - look at the very top group pic for a peek of his socks! During tax season he could care less, LOL.)
Next up we enjoyed the company with great Christian friends and learned even more about one another. It is so neat how we can all come together with a common belief and make a bond that will forever be. God truly blesses us if we allow him the opportunity to come in. I am thankful for the friends I have made and the support we give one another in our marriages/relationships.

The Evans!
Karen and Scott - the future newlyweds!
The Hubbards!
Yours Truly!
Our leaders, the McMillans!

That evening the girls enjoyed some cards while the boys went back to Ingles to pick up firewood and items to make smores. We had a blast. The hamburgers, sausage dogs, baked beans, and chips were all super yummy! The favorite part had to have been the smores and Sarah's banana pudding. YUM YUM! It made the pain of my deep, under-the-nail splinter go away.

The next morning we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, had a bite to eat, and headed home.

God's presence is undeniable.
The view of the outdoor smore-roasting fireplace!Ryan always gets a picture of me walking away. In this case I was sad the weekend was almost over and we had to head home!

I cannot say enough about how God has richly blessed us with the quality of friends he surrounds and protects our marriage with. We are thankful for the fun times, great memories, and hilarious pictures that will keep us looking forward to our many summer adventures.

May God bless your week and may you allow yourself to see His abundant blessings in every moment!


  1. LOVE this blog post!!! It tells the story of our crazy and hilarious weekend so well! Adam and I are so thankful for this group and can't wait for our many summer trips and events ahead!

  2. What a fun group! I'm jealous! We have about 20 kids in our group, so weekends away would be impossible. So glad that you and Ryan are able to have this precious time with just the two of you before life gets crazy with kids!!

  3. TOTALLY jealous of the amazing friends you have!!!! i wanna know more about the game you guys played...I've never heard of it ;)


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