Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Marriage Conference (Evening Uno)

Ryan and I got a late start...because of me! I really wanted to take advantage of their fun photo booth and reception to start with, but my timing is about 10 minutes behind everyone else.

We arrived and Chelsea had saved us a seat, so we got in line and got our welcome gift! How sweet. Here it is...
The whole chapter of Corinthians was in the form of a magazine...definitely modern. Then, we had some red hots - Ryan and Big Jon started eating them. Being a teacher I thought this was all a part of the service along with the blind fold...maybe a taste test. NOPE, just a gift!

The night started off with some awesome worship music, the Dad Life, and Pastor Franklin.

Dad Life!

His message was straight to the point just the way it should be! It came from Hosea. He spoke about God telling Hosea (preacher) to marry Gomer (bless her heart for that name and the fact she was a hooch). Hosea was faithful to God and Gomer became his wife > then Pastor Franklin gave a modern day version
> 1. Gomer is preggers
> 2. baby comes
> 3. life happens
> 4. she feels like she's raising her child as a single parent because Hosea is always at work
> 5. he keeps working
> 6. they argue lots and are on edge with one another
> 7. she starts chatting with a guy from her old line of work on FB
> 8. he works at the gym, so she visits
> 9. she falls for the greatest marriage lie: "What I am missing is better than what I have".
> 10. cheat
> 11. Hosea starts all over with her: "LOVING THE WAY GOD LOVES".

Wow, does this not happen today. I have heard too many stories of technology playing a role in affairs. Don't friend people of the opposite sex if you are going to be tempted.

God has three stages in this story: 1. Anger 2. Righteous Anger (anger that is toward the force/problem) 3. Unfailing LOVE.

I love that my God is a God of love.

Here are some other things that I want to mention that were told in the lesson:

*When the tough times come, you don't just pick up your toothbrush and leave!
*If the grass looks greener on the other side, water yours! (don't compare your marriage to others - make sure you are turning inward to your own marriage - water/feed your marriage!)

The point I hope to never forget and the one that summarizes the entire message was this:
"No person will ever be able to meet all expectations". This is the 80%/20% rule. When you have 80% right in your marriage, don't look for the 20% outside of marriage. For example: If your spouse is constantly doing something that bugs you, yet they are a good parent, provider, always home at night, holds a job, etc...FOCUS on that, NOT the parts that annoys you. It will only make you and them better for it when you think of all of the positives!


After that and our tummies were rumbling, we headed to Chilis with our friends. Here are a couple of pics...

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  1. Amazing post girl! Love the video!Hubs and I got a crack out of it!


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